DMD v0.21 is Here!

Hi guys!

Good morning/evening, to wherever in the world you are reading this from!

So, after a longer than normal hiatus, mainly due to taking most of January off for holidays, here we are with the continuation of DMD v21!!

There’s been a number of changes since our last release, mainly the platforms that you can get the game through as you may have noticed.

We are incredibly thankful for those of you whom have supported us at any point during the production of both of our games, and especially those that continue to fund the ongoing creation of DMD and MELODY.

For DMD, you can pay the one-off $10 fee through HumbleBundle, or you can donate $10 per month through our newest platform SubscribeStar (SS).



Please note, by subscribing through SS, you will get access to special preview pics (which we post up) that won’t be available if you donate through HumbleBundle.

About this update

Now that F and D have finally done the deed, where do they go from here you may ask?

V21 further progresses the relationship between D and the MC, the two of them being more comfortable having sex, and the side characters returning to see how or if they can still fit into the MC’s life and future plans, despite how much closer he now is with his daughter.

A lot of this update will be based in F’s town and the main discussion between F and D will be their plans for the future, moving to the beach town (aka “Seaside”) and what F will do for work.

But is D’s modeling career dead in the water, now that she’s left home to be with F?

How will the likes of Jennifer, Elena, and Georgina react when they find out what F and D’s future plans are?

How will D react when or if she finds out you’ve been having relationships on the side (if you have done that is!).

The answers to most, if not all these questions will be answered as soon as you’ve downloaded the new update!

As always, you can leave your thoughts, feedback and constructive criticism in the comments section below.

We always strive to do our best and to give our fans a satisfying hour (or so) of entertainment, with each release for either of our games.

Animated and Bonus scene:

– Boob massage with D (animated)

– Blowjob in the shower with D (animated)

– Shower sex with D – x2 positions (animated)

– Fingering pussy with D (animated)

– Fingering asshole with D (animated)

– Fingering pussy and asshole with D (animated)

– On the sofa sex with D (animated)

– Shower handjob with D (animated)

– Rim job from D (bonus scene)

– Fingering D’s pussy on the bed (animated)

– Fingering D’s ass on the bed (animated)

– Double-fingering D’s pussy on the bed (animated)

– Double-fingering D’s ass on the bed (animated)

– Bedroom sex with D – x2 positions (animated)

– Blowjob from D (animated)

– Morning sex act with D (animated)

– Handjob and blowjob with Georgina (animated)

– Alleyway sex with Georgina (animated)

– BJ and 69er with D (animated)

– Spoon sex with D (animated)

– Handjob and BJ in the van from D (animated)

– Motel room missionary sex with D (animated)

– Bonus doggy style motel room sex with D (animated)

– Motel room Footjob from D (animated)

– Motel room Boobjob from D (animated)

Final Words

I hope you enjoy playing DMD v0.21, and again, thanks for sticking with us. We make these games for you as much as we do for ourselves.

If you haven’t checked out my other game “MELODY” as yet, a free demo of Version 0.0.4 the game is now available at my Patreon page (in the “Overview” section”) for you to download at:

Version 0.0.9 will be released near the end of April, with an official release date to be announced in the next few days.

Remember, if you wish to donate to the production and future releases of DMD, please do so ONLY through:

– HumbleBundle (a one-time payment of $10):


– SubscribeStar ($10 monthly subscription)

Please do not donate through any other links aside from these two, as any other links or websites promoting our two games are not official links.

For Melody, pledge to my Patreon page ONLY at:

We’ll have another update about v0.22 in a couple of months’ time:

Thank you for your continued support!


34 thoughts on “DMD v0.21 is Here!

  1. Do we have to pay the humble bundle price each time? I paid for the November update, and the link I received only has the v20 download.


    1. If you go to the game your humble bundle library, it’s under additional content. It takes you to a google doc with the download links


  2. What’s up with the android version? All the underlaying Buttons such as skip is gone, also all typing objectives gets obscured by the keyboard.


  3. hi there!! it´s been the best chapter you gave us, really worth the waitin. I even saved my game near parts i thought they could have been last for the update (i thought it was over twice, jaja) but it is really a good gift from you. Sadly… there is a scene missin, dunno if its only my game, but its a scene i really wanted to see, because it was a surprise findin that she is up for somethin like that, really unexpected but apreciated. well, my game seems to be missin (it could be spoiler for some ppl, so dont read this next part) the kiss scene from daugther and jennifer and i was really excited to see them tryin new experiences. if this is only my update, it could be nice to know, i will try to download again, but if there is really a missin scen, it could be nice to be checked and added, so we can enjoy that cute moment with those pretty friends (jen and D)


  4. Loved the update! So much happening, and in one of my saves it looks like my little happy family of Elena, Jennifer and of course the D is coming together nicely. Can’t wait to have that happen. Margo and Cassandra could always visit as well. 😇 Ah well, let us see what’s still in store.


  5. So, is it no longer enough to donate to the Patreon page to get access to DMD? Before this last release a link was sent via message to download. I’m curious as it’s simpler to donate to just one site, rather than multiple. I understand there are issues that you have to go through to continue work on this game, but is there an alternative to paying an additional fee to get updates for DMD?


    1. Well that was the case since the game was taken down from Patreon … donating there was for their second game Melody …
      That is because if they did not separate the game from Patreon they would have been removed completely.
      which is now over a year


  6. Get access to the latest version of DMD
    DMD Chapter 1 Completed
    DMD Chapter 2 v.0.20 (November 30th, 2018)
    And future updates as well.

    how i get this update?


  7. Just downloaded the update through mega and extracted the files. I am able to open the game, but when I try and load my saves from previous updates, it displays an error screen with options to rollback and ignore, etc. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Any help would be appreciated.


  8. Absolutely Love your game, I’m a huge fan of reading erotica, and Incest is one of my favorite fantasy category. Even though, some would think its wrong and all that, its a fantasy setting just like any other, and its probably the most popular one at it. Its hard to find games so detailed, so long and so relatable. As in, the characters and the relationships that develop feel very realistic, which says a lot about the writing thats been put into making this. Not only that, but the character models, all the Animated Postures and the various situations to spice things up really add to the gameplay feel and soon you are fully immersed. Really felt a connection with the daughter as you fall in love with her and other characters throughout the journey, you have done some amazing work mate!

    Thanks so much for this, And Can’t wait to check out more!!


    1. You speak out of my soul mate. This is one of the best, but it might be the best VN that i played, and enjoyed for YEARS. The progress feels very realistic, and the Characters are adorable.I also like the fact that it is a very very long and upbuilding VN, really hard to find theese days, besides DMD has no weird aftertaste, because it is not build for the mass, rather i think someone fulfilled his dream ^^

      And for Mr. Dots:
      Let us be so lucky that we be able to see how it works out for the characters


  9. I got the game, but didn’t get a walkthrough for the first time (for V.21). Do I have to donate more than the designated $10? I really like the walkthrough 🙂

    Excellent chapter as always!


  10. I don’t load my saves from previous versions. When I try load a previous save the game send me to the first screen again.


  11. Hi… I want to know if there is a chapter 3 in development…. As you guys know its a very addictive game and a very interesting one as well…. I love the story line and i looking forward for the continuation from chapter 2…. So i hope u guys will release chapter 3 ASAP…..



  12. I did the math and it turns out that you will develop this game for 13 years. Are you serious?Maybe you will get into the Guinness world record book as the longest construction game. Sorry for my English.


  13. Congrats for one of the most amazing games of adults gender! Plot, lines, a lot of images and many options to play not just once but many times! I hope D gets pregnant (seek for chapter 10 i guess) XD 🙂


  14. So, the HumbleBundle link is broken.. So, how do I get the latest updates now? Is that all she wrote now? Paid $10 and now I have to pay again for an update? What’s the deal? There’s no update on your patreon about this.


    1. well of course there is no update on Patreon the reason they are things like HB and SS is because DMD can not be on Patreon because of the incest ….

      As for the HB link being broken I got that too…we will have to wait for Mr.Dots to look at it and respond


    2. Please send me an email here:
      With a proof of purchase and I will add you to my email list, where you will receive the download links in your inbox.

      I’m afraid HB will no longer be an option for getting DMD anymore. I will release a post this week explaining more about this in detail.

      I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


  15. I purchased CH 1 & 2 through Humble Bundle, but I only have CH 2 V2.0. I went to HB, and it says I have claimed my page, no links. I go to the library, and it is empty, nothing at all. I tried every link on my account, nothing. How do I get the CH 2 V2.1 update?


    1. Please send me an email here:
      With a proof of purchase and I will add you to my email list, where you will receive the download links in your inbox.

      I’m afraid HB will no longer be an option for getting DMD anymore. I will release a post this week explaining more about this in detail.

      I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


  16. There is an bug in the scoring at the end of day 22 – at least I think so.
    After meeting Georgina for dinner the increase of LP stops. I only got 3 FP for taking a photo of Georgina and D. And also during the bed scene with D the LP don’t increase – or is it that sex is normal now and and you won’t get any LP for that like you also don’t get LP for kissing D anymore.


    1. Please send me an email here:
      With a proof of purchase and I will add you to my email list, where you will receive the download links in your inbox.

      I’m afraid HB will no longer be an option for getting DMD anymore. I will release a post this week explaining more about this in detail.

      I’m sorry for the inconvenience.


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