New Home

Hi everyone!

We’re back again with more previews for DMD v0.22.

This time I’m sharing with you a picture of D at her new home.

More previews coming up soon!

There are 3 more extra previews for our SubscribeStar subscribers 😉

DMD v.22 will be released on June 29th, 2019 for $10 subscribers.
Support the game on SubscribeStar:
Thanks so much for your support 🙂

6 thoughts on “New Home

  1. Said this in my comment on the other post about DMD too, but I’ll say it again in case it was missed due to it being a few days after the post:

    I’d love to see more rim jobs from D in future updates. I hope it wasn’t just introduced and then forgotten about.

    The preview pics look great, and I’m super excited for the update!


  2. Please add a subscription tier to Subscribe Star above the current 10 USD tier, that also includes the “extras version” of Melody. Then I could just switch over and have everything in one place.


  3. I have read both blog posts and was wondering if we will ever fuck D in the ass as if I remember rightly she has taken multiple fingers already so hopefully same goes for melody to eventually take it In the ass


    1. Of course we’re going to see anal at some point. That is probably the most certain thing to happen in both of the games.


  4. Hello!
    I m late to download the update but i m facing a problem… When i give a name and click enter the game doesnt do anything!?!?! Why this is happening? I used some keyboards but still facing the problem…anyone else had this kind of prblem? Or can anyone suggest what to do?


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