DMD: Chapter 3

Hi everyone,

Now that we’ve finished Melody v.10, it’s time for us to start working on DMD again.

We’ve received a lot of messages from our fans and supporters over the past few months, asking us about Chapter 3 and the ending of DMD.

I’d like to address these questions in this post, and also share with you the decision the team has made regarding these two questions in particular.

Our original plan was to finish the game in December 2019, which means there was only going to be 3 more updates.

At the present time, we thought that extending Chapter 2 and finishing the story in just a few updates would be enough.

However, after a lot of thought and discussions, we realized that we wouldn’t have enough time for us to finish all the storylines in just 3 updates.

There would be too many loose ends that wouldn’t be tied up, game endings that wouldn’t make it to the final cut, had we decided to conclude DMD by year’s end.

We know you love the game as much as we do, and it wouldn’t have been fair for D and her friends to finish their journey so abruptly.

Nor would it have been satisfying for anyone after such a long journey since we began creating this game just under three years ago.

There are so many things left to do, so many scenes and storylines left to create, and trying to fit them all in just three updates wouldn’t be realistically possible.

So, to those asking if there is going to be a Chapter 3, the answer is a resounding YES!

In fact, the next update that will be released on Jun 29th will be the first one of Chapter 3!

Jeff Steel, a member of our team, suggested that we should end chapter 2 in v.21, with that trip to Seaside, and I agree.

So, the next update (v.22) will be the first very day of Chapter 3, and D and F will have a fresh start in Seaside.

Starting CH.3 now will have a lot of benefits for us (and for you as well):

  • It will allow us to start a new fresh chapter and cover all the stories we need to at a fairly normal pace (not so fast, not so slow).
  • That way, the character development won’t be affected, and the setup for the different endings will be a lot better.
  • We will get rid of almost 4 gb of ch.2 content! So, for those with slow internet connection, the new chapter will be easier to download (and easier for us to upload as well).
  • We will give the endings that each character deserves. We will have more updates to work with instead of only three, and that will give us enough time to plan the content better.

The new chapter will continue to have two days per update, just like we’ve been doing with chapter 2, and the main storylines covered will be:

  • A true ending with D (we’ll let you guess what that could be rather than giving away our intended endings)
  • The Polyamory arc (which will involve Jennifer, Elena, Georgina, and Rachel. Yes, Rachel. Multiple pregnancy ending is also on the table.)
  • The Sharing arc (which will involve Graham, and Martin, and perhaps a future male character.)
  • The Pet arc (you know what this means 😊)
  • Whatever arc or scenes I’m forgetting to include right now 😛

How many updates will Chapter 3 have?

We can’t say for certain, but we know it we will have at least 8-10 more updates instead of just three, which means it will take us the rest of this year and the whole of next year to finish it.

We will continue with the 2/1 update, since it’s a method that is working for us and we want to keep it at least until Melody ends.

We’ll see what happens after that, as I don’t want to make a promise for something I can’t keep.

Saves from Ch.2

Perhaps the biggest issue regarding a new chapter is the saving transfer process. For those of you who’ve been with us since the beginning, you know this process has been a pain in the ass to get right. But this time, we won’t even try to get this method to work. It’s going to take me a lot of time to code it correctly and I’d rather spend that time creating content than working on something I know is not going to work for everybody.

Instead, we’ll give you a quiz to fill, and based on your answers, the game will create a different start. This method is already available at the start of Chapter 2 if you haven’t played Chapter 1 yet, or if the saving transfer method didn’t work for you.

Chapter 2 revision

We will get back to Chapter 2 when time allows, to rework some of the scenes that we felt may have been a bit rushed or needs a rework, just like we did with Chapter 1. We will also add the Rewards Gallery to Chapter 2. But it’s hard to say when this will happen, as it’s not a priority for us at the moment, given our restricted time schedule with both games.

Please keep in mind that because we stick to releasing an update across both games once a month (every month), sometimes scenes don’t always turn out like we hope they will, or we don’t have the time available to put everything into certain scenes that we’d like to.

The most important thing for us is to always assure you guys (and girls) that you will always get an update from one of our games, at least once a month.

As you already know, the games that we create are still a work-in-progress, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be the final version.

Once either DMD or Melody are completed, then we will definitely be taking the time to go back through each game to see how we can improve them.

That includes any plot holes, extending animated scenes, confrontational scenes that could be better or more believable, etc.

Final words

We can’t thank you enough for all the support you’ve shown us over the past few years. We know that most of our supporters are still with us because you know that we would never give up on DMD without a fight, and we thank you for standing by us.

You’ve been showing a lot of support to Melody as well, even though we know it’s not the game you would prefer for us to spend most of the year on.

So that’s it, I hope you like the news we’ve announced today. We’re also a bit relieved that we’ll be able to create the ending that DMD deserves.

Have a great day,


27 thoughts on “DMD: Chapter 3

    1. Yes, Cassandra would be really awesome. Could also be part of a harem route (D, Elena, Jen, …)


  1. That’s awesome news, glad you’ve made the decision to continue this wonderful story. However, whenever it ends it will be a sad day but thanks for all the highs and lows and for whatever is yet to come!

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    1. Hi. Im on the third Chapter v0.25 and i must say that this is the best most realistic game i have ever played, and i dont want it to end.
      Im sure there are many fans that agree with me when i say, PRETTY PLEEEEAAAASEE, PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER CHAPTER❤️ It would mean so much for us and med. For me sitting down and reading this story is the only time i get some alone time from the rest of the world. I didnt think a story could mean so much but Yeah i does.


  2. It´s a good news!! I wish D and F do a threesome with some Shemale, with a DP and Anal with F.
    The shemale can be a international model and the encounter happens in a session of photos.


  3. That’s are great news, I hope you include Olivia in the harem route amd maybe Koko if it’s possible. Thanks for work in both games.

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  4. Thank you so much for the updates on chapter 3. I love your work on DMD and Melody. Personally I dont want DMD to have an end. has a good story line, and D is so adorable

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  5. Thank you so much for the updates on chapter 3. I love your work on DMD and Melody. Personally I dont want DMD to have an end. has a good story line, and D is so adorable

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  6. Nice, a lot of exciting things to look forward to! The pet arc seems like a lot of fun, and that is something I’ve looked forward to ever since beastiality was listed as a fetish in the game. Last update of DMD was fantastic, so I can’t wait to see what more the future holds!

    One of my suggestions/wishes, though, is for there to be plenty of rim jobs from D. This was introduced last update, and I hope it won’t be forgotten about. In an ideal world, it’d be an optional part of every sex scene with D, but if optional is too much work, I hope it will at least be relatively frequent.

    Other than that, I don’t have much to say apart from; keep up the good work! DMD is one of the best adult games out there, and I thouroughly enjoy it!

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  7. Dont forget about Elena please, she is the best character and deserves an ending all to herself, no poly stuff, only her, I want to make her happy.


  8. Just recently finished chapter two and am so looking forward to chapter three. The story has been fantastic! Not many stories move me to tears like this one has. My one hope for chapter three is that Rachel gets everything that selfish, hypocrite bitch deserves and then some. Other than that…F, D. and Elena…And pet, you said? I can’t wait.

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  9. good characters glad that father and daughter together but wanted to to Georgina, Elena, Jennifer lived with us and will happy family


  10. it would have been better you you had one update in every one month.
    because of paetron policy you had to develop another game
    but DMD is my best


  11. Well Mr Dots, you thank us for our support. We need to thank you for your your great series, DMD! I haven’t viewed Melody yet but, I will. Please keep up your excellent work and I will graciously support you!

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  12. dating my daughter is great visual novel games
    in this you did great work and chapter 3 will be good i know
    , story line and character and animation too good.
    after that if you gonna try something mom and son story too?
    son prospective
    plz do like this too..


    1. I loved it. Its a masterpiece. I almost got over excited when I almost put it in for anal with D, I pray that it will be included in the future . All the Nest Mr. Dot


  13. When is the next update ?i want it to keep on going with this arc and finish it but i also wish to never end.what is happening?


  14. May i ask if the DMD chapter 3 is already available on android? Because i can’t see any DMD chapter 3 on android thank you


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