DMD V0.22 is Here!

Hi guys!

Today we’re happy to bring to you the official release of DMD v22!

Version 22 will include all animated and bonus scenes, plus an updated walkthrough.
There’s again been a number of changes since our last release, the main one being that we had decided recently that this would be the beginning of Chapter 3 – the final chapter of DMD.
With the schedule that we have running between the two games, it should see us complete the game around the end of 2020.

We are incredibly thankful for those of you whom have supported us at any point during the production of both of our games, and especially those that continue to fund the ongoing development of DMD and MELODY.
Download the Game:

As it stands, DMD will only be available officially through our Subscribestar (SS) page.

Currently, there are five tiers – $1, $5, $10, $15 and $20 per month.

So far we have more than 600 people subscribed to our SS page, so thanks a bunch to those of you that have already signed up and are supporting us. These generous pledges will help us to keep the game afloat. So it’s very much appreciated guys!

For more information and how to sign up, please visit:

About this update
 As mentioned above, this update will be the beginning of Chapter 3 – The Finale.
For those that have played through until the end of Chapter 2, you will remember that D and F are about to arrive in their new home Seaside.

We figured that it would be the perfect way to end this Chapter, and the ideal way to begin this new one with D and F moving into their new home.

V22 further progresses the relationship between D and the MC, and we will see how they put plans in place for their special relationship in the future.
They’ll meet up with some familiar faces, and someone F was hoping not to see again (one person in particular). Specific locations from Chapter 1 when D and F visited Seaside last time will also feature again.
As for F’s other relationships on the side (if you’re on the other girls paths), we have used this update to prepare those particular flames to be re-introduced into future updates. Not all characters will feature in v22, but now that we know that we have more time to work on the game, they will all be given their own special endings before we reach the final conclusion.
Without giving too much more away, we can safely say that this is the biggest update of the game that we have ever done.

There’s well over 1,700 new renders, record-breaking lines of code, several new animations, and even the walkthrough for Days 28 and 30 took several hours to get right!
Filling in the Q and A at the start of the game

Due to the issues we have with the transfer system with bringing saves across from Chapter 1 to Chapter 2 last time, we’ve taken the same approach for the start of Chapter 3, by asking you to answer a quick Q & A before starting.
The easiest way to do this is to take not of the points you’ve accumulated up until the end of Chapter 2, decisions you’ve made, relationships you’ve agreed or not agreed to start or end.
These decisions will be crucial to what scenes play out in Chapter 3, in this update, and the ones that follow up until the very last one later next year.

So answer these questions as best as you can, and keep in mind what potential outcome that you would like to most see by the end of Chapter 3.

We’ll do our best to include every possible ending by games end. More on that in future updates.
Days 28 & 30
Like with more recent releases of DMD, again there will be two days of the game.
However, you may notice that after Day 28 ends, it will skip onto Day 30. This is intentional, so don’t panic if you think that Day 29 might be missing – it’s not!!

Time skips have featured in the game already and it will be something that will become more common between now and the end of the DMD.
Another thing you will notice is that we have removed the friendship points from the game.

When you create a game that is a “work-in-progress” like ours, as a creator you have to make decisions at the time of production that you feel will be the correct one at the time. But later on down the track, ideas and story lines will change, and you’ll realise what is important to keep or what’s best to do away with.
Removing the friendship points makes perfect sense to us now. Your game or paths you’ve chosen will remain unaffected by this. None of the other points in the menu section have been removed (e.g. Sharing, BDSM, Exhibition).

As always, you can leave your thoughts, feedback and constructive criticism in the comments section below.

We always strive to do our best and to give our fans a satisfying hour (or so) of entertainment with each release for either of our games.
Animated and Bonus scene:

– kitchen sex with D x 2 positions (animated)

– going down on D while she’s on the phone

– beach sex with D x 3 positions, 2 locations (animated)

– tit fucking D on the beach (animated)

– BJ from D on the beach (animated)

– dual masturbation D and F sofa scene (animated)

– ball lick from D

– BJ from D in bedroom (animated)

– cowgirl sex with D (animated)

– D bondage bedroom scene (bonus)

– going down on D in the bedroom (bonus)

– teasing D with sex objects (bonus)

– missionary sex with D (bonus animated)

– shower sex with D (animated)

– oral sex in the shower from D (animated)

– Olivia squeezes D’s breasts (bonus)

– D and F on the playground (bonus)

– BJ from D on the playground (bonus animated)

– missionary bedroom sex with D (animated)

– oral sex in the bedroom from D (animated)

– doggy-style bedroom sex with D (animated)

– Elena masturbation scene watching F and D have sex (bonus)

– F and D have sex next to Elena when she’s asleep (bonus)

– BJ from Elena in the spare room (animated)

– cowgirl sex with Elena in the spare room (animated)

Final Words

I hope you enjoy playing DMD v0.22, and again, thanks for sticking with us. We make these games for you as much as we do for ourselves.

We’ll have another update about v0.23 in a couple of months time.
As mentioned last week on my official site, our Unofficial Discord Fan channel was hacked last weekend, and all of the content on each channel there was unfortunately deleted.

The admins have reset all the channels again now thankfully, but there were no backups made for the content that was deleted. They have also taken better precautions so this never happens again.
Anyways, if you’d like to rejoin the channel, the invitation link is this one now:
Feel free to share this link with anyone who would like to join the great community they have at “(It’s A Heart) MrDotsFans – Unofficial Fan Page”.

Two members of my team (HearszAM and Jeff Steel) are on this channel as well, so this discord page is another way you can reach me through them.

We won’t allow anyone to stop what we’re trying to achieve, which is to continually create high-quality content through our two games, and any games that we intend to produce in the future.

Thank you for your continued support because without it, our games would not exist.


13 thoughts on “DMD V0.22 is Here!

  1. I entered the 200 LP points I had for the daughter route save. However, I got no more LP points in this chapter. Have you capped LP at 200 or is this a bug? All other points worked fine.


    1. “Removing the friendship points makes perfect sense to us now. Your game or paths you’ve chosen will remain unaffected by this. None of the other points in the menu section have been removed (e.g. Sharing, BDSM, Exhibition).”. 🙄 Read buddi


      1. I reached this limit (200 LP) in the middle of v21 already and was a little bit irritated that the points didn’t increase further like descibed in the walkthrough.
        First I thought this is a bug but now it makes sense.
        There were never a check of these love points or friendship points which had some effect on the story.
        The only effect came and comes from the “invisible” points (Sharing, Exhibition, ass points etc.)


  2. Is there not an option to romance both Jennifer and Georgina? Jennifer was the one I called to clean up the apartment, but it still had both of them marked as “Yes” in the menu at the end of 0.21. Was it a bug that I still had both of them as “Yes”? Was calling Jennifer supposed to close Georgina’s route?


    1. @hfreak42
      Calling Jennifer or Georgina to clean up the apartment increases the “relationship points” for one of the girls but it never closes the relationship as such. It wasn’t intended to do this.
      The other thing is, you can trigger the relationship to the three girls in the statistics menu by clicking on D’s face in the upper right corner.
      Unfortunately there is no possibility to switch on a “relationship” of D to Martin – so this ending will possible only if you triggerd this in episode 4 of chapter 1 (the first time D visits the MC at the office).


  3. I played at 1 in Spanish the translation was not good but it helped me to follow the line hurts the rest not this one, the thread is lost a bit in the answers, anyway thanks for that great game 🙂


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