Let’s Take A Shower Together

Hi everyone!

We’re back again with the first previews for DMD v0.23.

For this week, I’ll be sharing with you a few pictures of Elena and D taking a shower together.

There are 5 more extra previews for our SubscribeStar subscribers 😉

DMD v.23 will be released on September 28th, 2019 for $10 subscribers.
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Full Image Link: https://i.imgur.com/Vlv3rJE.jpg

7 thoughts on “Let’s Take A Shower Together

  1. It seems to me that this senna will only be possible depending on the choices made in the game:
    I chose not to have any romance with other people, result at the end of chp3 had a beginning of anal sex.
    Another chose to have several relationships and at the end of chp3 the two had sex with Elena sleeping but have no anal sex.
    “Let’s Take A Shower Together” will be welcome with this second choice.


  2. I am very happy with the way the game has gone I have 2 routes (saves) one with just D and the other with D and Elena open and can’t wait for the next update and hopefully finally getting to fuck D in the ass


    1. I would say so, with 100 % certainty. There may be some requirements, such as having stayed true to D the entire game if you want to marry her, but I think it will definitely be included. Pregnancy as well. Everything seems to suggest it.


      1. Thank you for your reply koskesh , do you mean that you should keep your relationship with D only and interrubt all other girls ( Elena , ….) ?
        A second question : do you think that the relationship with F would be affected by having Elena in his home ? For example , “let’s take a shower together” pic looks like D is more close to Elena .


    2. Replying to your first post because it didn’t give me an option to do it for your most recent one.

      I’m not part of the developer team so I can only speculate what will happen. But in regards to your first question; yes, I think it will be good to keep one save where you are true to D. My guess is that this will account for at least something when the ending eventually comes round. Whether that thing is marriage, pregnancy, more kinky sex acts, etcetera, I don’t know. But it would make sense that you can only marry D if you haven’t been fooling around with all the other girls.

      As for your second question, I’m not sure what you mean exactly. If you mean that F will suffer in his relationship to D from her and Elena becoming close, then no. I think this is just part of a polygamy route where all of them will eventually be able to be in a happy relationship with each other. That, however, may come at the expense of marriage and other things that are more a symbol of love between two people.

      But overall, I am, as I said, certain that there will be marriage. Depending on the character, though, there may be requirements to get that ending (some might not have a marriage option). A D, F + Elena relationship I think will also happen, but maybe not having them married to one another.


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