Plans For 2020 And Our Third Game

Hello to all of our loyal fans from wherever you are around the world.

We hope you’ve all been well and that you are looking forward to Christmas this week and the upcoming New Year, as well as the release of the final version of “Melody” on Saturday, December 28th.

We’ll have more details and what you should expect in this final version on the day of its release.

But today’s post is all about our forthcoming third game, and to also let you all know of our proposed scheduling for 2020.

The first piece of news that we would like to share with you all is that the development of the new game will begin during the first week of January.

During that time, we will announce the game’s title and share with you our first previews.

However, the very first release of our new game will not be out until late March 2020. We believe we’re going to need at least two months to come up with a decent first version of the game.

There will be plenty of details and previews of the new game posted up between the start of January, and when the first version is released.

As for February, our plan is to release a new update of DMD.

So in other words, our schedule for the first three months of 2020 looks like this:

• January 2020: Start developing the new game. Release game’s title, description, update Patreon tiers and post up the first previews.

• February 2020: Release a new update of DMD.

• March 2020: Continue the development of the new game and release our first update.

April 2020 and beyond: Our idea is to keep working on one game at a time, like we’ve been doing for the past two years.

However, we will change the schedule to put more effort into finishing our first game. So, starting 2020, we will be releasing a new update of our new game once every two months instead of three.
We’re still not sure if we’ll be able to release an update per month of our new game, like we’ve been doing with Melody, since the new game will require more time to work on the renders (they’ll have higher resolution than Melody’s renders), so I’ll get back to you on this one once we release our first update, and by then I should have a good idea of just how much time it takes to complete an update.

The planning of Game #3 has been in the works for the past few months, with details, character creations, the plot and backstories having been discussed by myself, my main writer HearszAM, and our resident ideas guy Jeff Steel during that time.

We’ve somehow managed to flesh out several ideas despite having to manage and create updates for our first two games during this time as well.

As many of you may already know, if you have been following my work since Melody’s first release early last year, we weren’t afforded anywhere as much time as we were to create and release our second game. So that’s already a huge positive for us.

Something that we would really like to get back into the habit of doing is how we interact with you, our loyal followers, and as often as possible.

As we’ve previously stated, we make these games for you guys as much as we do ourselves, and we have also tried to incorporate as many of your ideas as we can into our games too.

So, with that, we would like to ask and invite you all to tell us: What would you like to see featured in our third game?
For those of you that have played either (or both) of our two games: What’s been missing from those visual novels that you would like to see featured in our next game?
Maybe it’s a style of rewards or galleries system that we haven’t implemented as yet, or perhaps a scene setting that we haven’t used, or is there a particular fetish (that doesn’t breach Patreon’s guidelines) that you would like to see featured?

Maybe it’s something you’ve seen from other games and want us to implement it in ours?

If there was ever a time to suggest what you would like to see in our new game, then that time is NOW!

Thanks so much for your time and support. Take care of yourselves over Christmas and New Years.


21 thoughts on “Plans For 2020 And Our Third Game

  1. One element missing from the game(s) is forced sex. Another element some may want to see is gender change. Looking forward to the new game announcement, big fan!


  2. Maybe also some asian and black girls? Open world would be great or at least some repeating nights scenes. Thanks for your perfect games. Happy New Year!


  3. One of the things I would like to see your games is having multiple routes, like a friendship route, love route and a hard corruption route, NTR that can be turned on and off for people who don’t like, Also one of my favorite fetishes is exhibitionism if done right.

    Overall I love DMD 10 times more than melody And I believe people supporting you on subscribe star for the same reason, Dating sim games are not my kind of thing.

    Thanks you for your hard work 🙂


  4. I completely love both Melody and DMD. The stories are awesome, the graphix is great, sexy girls, the overall positive tone of the games, great build ups and a regular updates are all things that makes your games stand out and put them in the top of the game. The greatest respect from me. Its exciting to hear a new game is on the drawing board and I cant wait to hear and see more about in the near future – awesome news!

    What would be interesting to see in a new game. I would love to see you explore the interracial theme a bit more. Both the female and male side. Sexy black girls and well endowed black men would give some nice spice in the mix. I also like the idea of a swinging/sharing or corruption part of the game. Btw I love the route DMD iss going when the daughter is slowly opening up to experimenting with other men and the getting excited by the black coworker visiting soon.

    Other interesting ideas could be: The quiet nerdish character (male or female) slowly finding his/her sexuality.
    The older uncle/teacher/boss compeeting with the main character (MC) of the girl’s favor and his attempt to slowly corrupt her and stealing her from the MC – the “fall from grace” theme or the temptation of the “innocent” girl. It could also creat a great villainous character. Just a few ideas I would like to see develop in your universe/game.

    Thanks for alot of great hours of amazing gaming with Melody and DMD!


  5. I was thinking something a bit different and more complex in some ways would be interesting.

    There are a lot of games where someone moves in with you or you move in with them and then you start corrupting everyone you can get into a horizontal position, but my idea is that you are the home owner and someone who is already very bad (complete slut even) moves in with you.
    Your job is to tame them and at the same time earn their respect, and as you earn more respect, you also grow closer together. If you start fucking right away and throw out the idea behind the game, you lose and the game is over since they now control you and can do whatever they want because they did not respect you enough to care.
    Your own choices then decide whether you have a very naughty but good girl, or a complete slut domme who owns your ass.
    It is essentially, DMD in reverse.

    You can have it set up so that people in game can set what the relationship is to the involved characters, but have it mentioned in the opening credits that none of the characters in the story are related in any way, to satisfy P.


  6. I personally would love seeing a cum eating/cum swallowing fetish portrayed by at least one of the girls in the next game.

    I also think it would be interesting to see a game set either in the winter or in the mountains. Basically, anything with snow, that is something that is not really seen. You can tantalize with the undressing out of the sweaters and jackets. And you can still have bikini scenes, especially if you a hot tub in the snow scenes. Normally, I would be hesitant to suggest this, but I trust that if amy body could do a game justice in this setting, it is you and your team.


  7. I’d really like a Scene Unlock/Replay feature as it really helps to see what there is still to get and to find a particular scene.

    As long as I’m wishing I may as well ask for a Definitive Edition of DMD when you finish, were you put all three chapters into one game.

    Lastly, a fetish I don’t see that often would be pegging as an option, but I can understand that one not appealing to everyone.

    Regardless of my suggestions I’m sure I’ll enjoy your future updates and thank you for all you and your team’s work so far.


  8. i like DmD,but Melody is the best that youve made Mr Dots.the story is superb,models and elements are top notch.fetishes are on the main fetish is anal,gaping and anal creampie which you hit it hard man,im fucking love dont forget to add up on your third lots to melody.more power mr dots!!


  9. As for suggestions, there’s a bunch of fetish stuff I’d love to see implemented in the sex scenes, but I’m not sure what patreon accepts. Perhaps check out online the most frequent/common fetishes and try to implement those that seem fair to you guys. I would love to see some rope/handcuff and/or maid roleplay stuff for example, don’t see why patreon wouldn’t allow it.
    Best of luck and can’t wait to see what you guys have for next.


  10. Greetings, i want to say that i love your games, i’d like to see something like a Tramp Anon story, where in your childhood you get abandonded by your parents and get thrown on the street. after years, you come across an older woman that takes you under her roof and you slowly have to work to earn your keep. During your time there you slowly develop your relationship with her and her neighbors, family. You’d also start discovering what happened in your past and why you were left abandoned.


  11. Not sure what you have planned already for the new game, but I just hope you mix things up a bit with your main character. Whether that means a female protagonist (something I’d personally love to see), or maybe an MC of a different age, or just changing his personality a bit. I understand the appeal of the older man/teenage girl scenario, but there’s so many scenes in both games of the MC just explaining things or sharing trivia with his romantic partner and sometimes it gets a little tiresome and a bit condescending even. I’d like an MC who learns things himself occasionally and isn’t just sharing his experience (sexual and otherwise) with his partners.


  12. My biggest idea might be a 20 or so year old bodyguard game. It would allow for the use of fresh new locations so the game wouldn’t have to be set in a certian town or such. Plus you can add in mini-games and use cameos from previous games. As for the MC maybe give him a prior military background or so. Something to add some depth to him. Also who he is guarding, it could be a million dollar heiress or some such. Maybe circumstances forces her to learn about the real world as he guides her through it. I really love the games but the central girl is always too innocent. They always seem like nuns before they ever meet the MC. I mean you don’t need someone overtly dirty but using a real girl would add some realness to it. I will also mention it seems like some characters are clones of each other, personality wise at least. Again I love your work but all I can say is feel free to take some chances and free your characters from the vanilla feel. I know your fan base will support you as well.


  13. What I would like is a female protagonist inc**t game! You really need to make a female protagonist game!!


  14. First of all you’ve made an amazing job with both of your games, I prefer DMD but Melody is really great as well.
    For some fetish in your new game, I very want to see an other incest relation between a father and a daughter were the daughter will be more enterprising than is father. Some pregnant sex and lingerie sex would be exciting.
    I’ve one more special fetish but I understand it’s disgust some people, a beastiality path with a strong and real relationship between the pet and the girl woulb be awesome.
    I’m confident about the quality of your third game. I’m impatient to see the result.
    Keep your work like this, it’s awesome !!


  15. I’m really sorry…but i’m not agree with the “Fan”. I believe in you, and in your work. your stories (especialy in DMD) are so deep ! Psychological, character, the script, the sex scene of course but, The time we spend in the game, reading the dialogues only, plunges us into the personality of the characters and we attach ourselves to them because they are well written. That’s the difference between you and everyone else. (sorry for my english, i’m french, but all that just to say : Thank you very much and do what you want, we will folow you even without eyes 😉 )


  16. I absolutely loved Melody, to me, characters are much more attractive and appealing than in DMD.
    All of the girls were absolutely gorgeous!

    My only wish for the next game is more animated sex scenes, more different positions, and more threesome scenarios available.
    I know it’s a lot of work, but I’m sure many players would appreciate this.

    Everything else is pretty much on point.

    Thanks again for making such awesome games!


  17. Please include some element of submission. It is always sexy when a female character submits to a male character for ransom/out of fear/for money/goods, etc. Or if a male character uses their authoritative position (manager, older sibling, teacher, police officer, father, etc.) to take advantage of a willing, but naive younger female character.

    Make it happen, please!


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