DMD V0.24 is Here!

Good morning/evening, to wherever in the world you are reading this from!

As promised, today we are releasing Version 0.24 of DMD (or Days 33 and 34), a month earlier than originally scheduled.

This will also be our last release for DMD for 2019. v25 will be worked on and released in early-2020.

Download the Game:

As it stands, DMD will only be available officially through our Subscribestar (SS) page.

Currently, there are five tiers – $1, $5, $10, $15 and $20 per month.

So far we have more than 1000 people subscribed to our SS page, so thanks a bunch to those of you that have already signed up and are supporting us. These generous pledges will help us to keep the game afloat. So it’s very much appreciated guys!

For more information and how to sign up, please visit:

We are incredibly thankful for those of you whom have supported us at any point during the production of both of our games, and especially those that continue to fund the ongoing development of DMD and MELODY.
About this update

This update in a lot of ways is all about setting up the various sharing paths that we have in mind for F and especially D.

You will find by the end of this update that we have added four “sharing” paths into the main menu under “relationships”.

If you have the Walkthrough, we have left details on how to access the scenes where you and your daughter interact with other characters in some very special and saucy situations!

V24 also looks at how you and your daughter prepare for the all-important modelling competition in the next week of the game.
Be mindful of what day it is when the characters mention them in their conversations or thoughts. (Hint: the two days in this update are a Friday and a Saturday).

There will be three new characters that feature in this update, and D’s mother Rachel unexpectedly finds a new friend that you’ll all remember from Chapter 1.

One thing that we sometimes like to do with our two games is to reintroduce characters from the early parts of the game, who may have been favorites with a section of fans. They may or may not have some influence on D’s modelling career, or even her sexual progression with you, her father.

New menu options and changes
Aside from adding more relationship options into the menu bar, the biggest change that we have made to this update is removing almost all of the points scoring system.
So once Day 33 begins, you will notice in the menu section that the boob, ass, sharing, exhibition and BDSM points have been removed, but we have kept the LOVE points.

We’ve kept these points because your final total score here will be very important towards the back end of the game. It may determine what endings you get by the time DMD is completed.

The reason for this is that it was becoming more increasingly difficult to keep track of the points and it was a nightmare from a coding perspective.

We also looked at it from a player’s point of view, and saw that it would be frustrating for you all to have to go back a day, or even several days in the game to pick up those one or two extra points from these categories, just to see an alternate scene.

So we’ve found an easier way to monitor this.

With the new additions of the sharing relationships, this will make things much simpler for you all to view alternate scenes.

So for example, if you are on the D-only path and you are out to dinner with Olivia and Graham, you can change the Olivia/D threesome option from “No” to “Yes” to see what happens after dinner with those two. Or you can keep it set or change it to “No”, to see what happens between you and your daughter instead!

And even if you decide not to be on any of these sharing paths, they will pop up in the menu during various points in this update anyway.
This is just to give you all the option to view alternate scenes, in case you change your mind.

If you have the Walkthrough, then there will be clues as to when and what scene these sharing options will pop up in the relationship’s menu.

Lastly, the various points that we have just taken out are still relevant up until the end of Day 32. So, for those of you who have not played up until the end of that day,
if you have the walkthrough, be sure to continue to collect the necessary points if you want to see specific scenes (e.g. collect ASS points to do anal-related activities with D).

The WT will still show these points up until the end of Day 32, but from Day 33, we will tell you what choices you need to make to get certain scenes

(e.g. sharing D with another male or female character) or specific options (e.g. anal sex, DP) in future updates.

So, from this update onward, choices that refer to sharing your daughter with other people, her doing sexual things in public, anything related to bondage or anal play,
will be determined by decisions that you make at certain points during each update, rather than having to accrue a set amount of points.

The “Elena issue” during the Q and A at the start of Chapter 3

At the start of Chapter 3, you were asked to fill out a questionnaire that asked you what characters you are in a relationship with, what specific choices you made in previous chapters, etc.
There was an issue with the Elena questions in particular, specifically the questions: “Have you rejected Elena?” and “Do you intend for Elena and D to have a sexual relationship?”

The issue was that the second question wasn’t necessary if you chose “Yes” as your answer to the first question.

If you select “No”, the very next question will be: “Do you intend for Elena and D to have a sexual relationship?”

If you select “Yes”, then this second question will not come up.

We have fixed this issue now. Thanks to one of our supporters on the discord for bringing this to our attention.

Animated and Bonus scene:

– standing 69er kitchen scene with D (animated)

– doggy-style change room sex with D (animated)

– lifting D off the ground change room sex (animated)

– Olivia performing oral sex on Graham (animated)

– D performing oral sex on F (animated)

– Olivia fingering D while she gives F a blowjob (animated)

– BJ from D on a park bench (animated)

– reverse cowgirl sex on a park bench with D (animated)

– sex from behind on the balcony with D (animated)

– D solo masturbation in the bedroom (animated)

– plow pose sex with D while Margo watches (animated)

– standing straddle sex with D while Margo watches (animated)

– threesome sex with Margo and D (animated)

– BJ from D in the bedroom (animated)

– upside-down sex with D in the bedroom (animated)

– lifting D of the ground in the bedroom (animated)

– D rimming F and jerking his cock (bonus animated)

– fingering D’s ass (bonus animated)

– double-fingering D’s ass (bonus animated)

– triple-fingering D’s ass (bonus animated)

– triple-fingering D’s ass (bonus animated)

– reverse cowgirl anal sex with D (bonus animated)

– doggy-style (wheelbarrow) anal sex with D (bonus animated)

Final Words

I really hope you enjoy playing DMD v0.24, and again, thanks as always for sticking with us.

We also have an Unofficial Discord Fan if you would like to chat with other like-minded fans of my two games, share your own fan art, ideas etc.

Anyways, if you’d like to join the channel, the invitation link is below:

Please make sure to read the rules of the channel in the “info-and-rules” section, before you do anything else.

Two members of my team (HearszAM and Jeff Steel) are on this channel as well, so this discord page is another way you can reach me through them.

We won’t allow anyone to stop what we’re trying to achieve, which is to continually create high-quality content through our games, and any games that we intend to produce in the future.

Details and some sneak peek previews of our forthcoming third game will be posted hopefully sometime in December. So, stay tuned for that!

As always you can leave your thoughts, feedback and constructive criticism on today’s update in the comments section below.

We always strive to do our best and to give our fans a satisfying hour (or so) of entertainment with each release for either of our games.

Thank you for your continued support because without it, our games would not exist.


13 thoughts on “DMD V0.24 is Here!

  1. Phenomenal update! The sharing paths were incredibly, I’m definitely hoping for more content like that in the future. Just finished the update but already I can’t wait for the next one!

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  2. I hope all developers are like you. Very passionate on what they do and they consider their patreons support by releasing monthly updates. I hope that you get more subscribers to set as good example to other developers who releases on the 3rd – 4th month. But, when compared to the length of the playing time for the new update. Yours are still longer, how ironic, clearly somebody slack off…. haha.. Keep up the awesome work, MrDots Team.. you guys rock..

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  3. I love the D and F path but I really wanted to see more content with Elena and F. I know Elena is a secondary character but I found myself more interested in her and F’s relationship due to the fact that they had sex way before F and D (maybe I’m just a perv?). Otherwise, great content as always (but more of Elena pls, ty).

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  4. I really like this game, but I don’t have a credit card. How can I subscribe? Can I do it any other way?


    1. We are narrowly defining NTR to include a “stealing of affections” – see the etymology below:

      Netora as a Japanese term for cuckoldry literally translates to “taken away by sleeping with.”

      From 寝 (ne, “sleep”) +‎ 取る (toru, “to steal”)


      When we share D with Elena, and Elena does not steal D’s affections from F, then we are not calling that NTR – we are calling that sharing.


      1. We get it, you really really like ntr. ntr is still a trash fetsih that has no place in this game.


  5. I was enjoying this game until recently. There just aren’t enough choices and since not everyone enjoys the same sexual experiences, this put up a huge roadblock for me!

    I was so excited to get F home after gaining custody of D, and finally taking that next step. Everything was going great! I was fully turned on and ready, THEN!… “Stick your finger in her ass.” No other option! Just a limp dick and the aftertaste of regurgitation in my mouth! I know some people like that sort of thing, but I am NOT one of them. Shit has never been a turn on for me and never will.

    Please give another option so I can continue the game. Meanwhile, I’m going to to wash my finger and drink a bottle of Listerine.


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