Important News Regarding Melody and DMD

Hello to all my loyal supporters.

I sincerely hope you are all doing well and I really hope that you have enjoyed the story of “MELODY” so far.This post announcement however is to let each and every one of you know that this month’s update will be the very last one for Melody’s story.

We’d been discussing for several months when and how the game should come to a conclusion, and we feel that this final part would be the perfect time to end Melody’s story, just as she’s on the brink of becoming a music superstar.

In a number of ways, we’ve likened Melody’s journey to popular TV series like “Gotham” and “Smallville”.

Everybody knows the story of Batman and Superman, but these two particular series show the early beginnings of the respective main characters, and how they eventuate into the much-loved superheroes that they still are today.

With Melody, we kind of made it obvious from the start that she was always destined for success (presuming that you still make the right choices for her and yourself in this final forthcoming update).

But this story that we’ve been telling since February 2018, has all been about Melody going from a talented but rebellious college teenager, to a much more disciplined, focused and highly ambitious singer-songwriter.

When my team and I began creating this VN, we had no clue at the time just how the game would be received, especially on the back of a hugely successful and popular first game which is still in progress.

We didn’t have much time to put Melody together (due to what happened with our first game here), but when the few of us began creating the characters and the music-themed story line, we believed in it enough to release the game and to let you guys decide for yourselves if we’d made a good visual novel or not.

Much to our surprise, our second VN has turned out to be a success, and with that, we are spending all of October making sure that Melody and her friends go out on the right note (pardon the pun.)

We have set the release date for the final version of Melody, for Thursday, October 31st (Yes, on Halloween!)

For those of you who have been following us a long time, you would already know that we normally put our updates out on a weekend day.

But due to the fact that we are looking at including about four or five endings into this update, we decided that we would need an extra few days this month to make sure that they make the final part of the game.

And because Melody is soon coming to an end, it also means that we can announce a few more things to you all!

Our Plans for December

We will be spending most of December adding and fixing long-standing issues from previous weeks/updates of the game, such as adding in music from Weeks 1-11, fixing up any plotholes, grammar and continuity errors, etc.

Also during this time in December, we’ve already made plans to add in some bonus scenes, extra renders, add more animations to various existing scenes, and to also extend some of the endings in the game (for Becca, Amy and Isabella so far).

When we put out an update like we do each and every month, we’re afforded a four or five week window that only allows us to do so much.

Mistakes are always going to happen, not every character is going to feature and there will be stuff that won’t always make sense.

But that’s what a “work-in-progress” game like ours is like.

It would be really easy for us to just take our time and to put out an update whenever we feel like we should, that’s how a lot of other devs work and that’s their choice.

However, we’ve always felt that there’s a lot more worth in giving you our fans as a guarantee of one update a month (across our two games), so you guys are getting value for the money that you pledge to us.

Our Plans for November

For the month of November, we will be releasing an update of our first game (bringing the initial release date forward by a month), so that we can spend December polishing the final version of Melody. This is so you can play the FULL VERSION of our second visual novel from start to finish, with hopefully no issues at all. Plus we know how much a lot of you would like an update of the first game sooner, rather than later 😉

About our third game

Some of you have asked if we have a third game in the works, and the answer to that is a resounding YES!!

The details, release date and first previews for GAME #3 will be posted up here sometime in December, all the way until when the first update is released.

Final Words

As always, we really thank you all for your ongoing support across both games. Without it, it would not be possible to do what we do each and every day.

I hope you are looking forward to the final week (and game endings) of Melody, so let the countdown to October 31st officially begin!

Many thanks to you all,



17 thoughts on “Important News Regarding Melody and DMD

    1. I disagree. Having an open world adds nothing to games other than annoying grinds. I much prefer the way it is now.


      1. I disagree, having an open world can add much to a game depending on how is handled, the annoying grinds are a different mechanic added on top of it, and can be present regardless of it, just look at all those shooters out there.

        I will say, however, that not every game needs to be an open world, VN’s in particular, benefit little from such things, but done properly they can give you a much better experience than if it was just a linear story.


  1. Please Mr Dots, don’t do the same error with your new game that you did with Melody : Put a big cock on the MC. Little dick MC is simply boring. Adult games have to contain beautiful girls meeting great guys with big cocks !


  2. Yes u right i am happy to you mrdot game 3rd little sexy and hot and drama melody and DMD mixture girl character


  3. Hi MrDots, both of your games are really awesome. As you’ve mentioned that there’s going to be a third game and there will be an announcement about it by December, you must have progressed in it’s making. It’s just a little advice from me that you make it a bit more realistic (I mean the story, graphics are already very good). It’d also be nice to see the story more on the emotional side and MC struggling. You’re already an awesome writer but read some sad romance genres. One of my personal favourites is ‘Forbidden’ by Tabitha Suzuma. Good luck for the next game.


  4. How to get all the ending in melody? I cannot unlock relationship level seven.
    I am stuck at 366 can’t get to 400… another way?


  5. Amazing game/visual novel, fantastic work! And I really hope there will be another VN with Melody. She’s the most beautiful girl ever created and I actually fell in love with her. Unfortunately her body looks like it was designed by a plastic surgeon (bubble butt, silicone tits, anal bleaching). By nature, nipples supposed to be located in the lower part of the boobs (about 2/3 down) and not in the center (fried egg) or even worse in the upper part. A real major turn-off is the grey-brown-olive skin tone of the MC. It would be very nice if the player could choose the skin color. And also if the MC has a maimed dick (circumsised) or not. BTW, I don’t agree with a former poster: The dick size is perfect, not too small and not ridiculously huge. Anyways, keep up the good work!


  6. Hello MrDots. I’ve seen and read a lot of reviews about Melody. I was surprised by some negative comments. I’ve played so many VN’s over the last year or so and none of them compare to Melody. What a rich and awesome story. The characters were beautiful, and the text nearly perfect. I have not seen a better VN yet than Melody. I would play through this even if there weren’t any sex in it… its that good. Although I am not a big fan of the ‘incest’ games (I really don’t get why that subject is so popular), I have to check out your other games for sure and give them a fair chance. If as much effort is put into the writing as was done with Melody, I’m thinking they’ll be just as good. I just wish it wouldn’t be about dating my kid. But, again, I haven’t played it so maybe there is more to it so I plan to give it a fair try. I wish there were more games similar to Melody though. Just an average guy meeting another random person, etc.. Anyway, I plan to support you guys on Patreon because of all the VN’s I’ve played, at least Melody was the best so I have to see more, no matter the subject. Thank you and everyone involved for going to extra mile to create a great VN and not rushing out crap like a lot of others I’ve seen. I’ll see you over at Patreon! 🙂


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