DMD v0.25 Preview – Did You Miss Me?

Hi everyone!

Here’s the first set of previews for DMD v0.25. You can see the rest of the images on my SubscribeStar page:

DMD v.25 will be released on February 29th, 2020 for $10+ subscribers.

Thanks so much for your support


Full image link:

5 thoughts on “DMD v0.25 Preview – Did You Miss Me?

  1. I dont know what are the plans for the game but i think most of the player they expect the harem route to be the perfect route and best ending ,and there is no path like thie in melody ending so if you can set a vote for this route and if it got majority of vote for the harem path plz add this path as the best endings in the DMD and SL.. plz consider if you can and replay to the post,


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