SL Development Update 7 – New Character Unveiled Today!

Hello to all our fans and supporters!

Today we are unveiling the seventh character that will be a regular in our forthcoming release for Sunshine Love.

As we have mentioned previously, there will be a variety of different female characters that will feature throughout this new VN.

Therefore, it gives us a better chance of providing a character that might be suited more to your specific tastes, interests, desires, etc.

We also mentioned in our previous posts that we will reveal a new character each week, up until just before the first version of Sunshine Love is released.

About our new character

We’re pretty sure that the character in the previews below will look familiar to most of you already.

This new character is known as Kristina, and she will help with the running of the hotel.

She’s eighteen years of age, in her first year of studying interior design at college, and she is in charge of the overall beauty and style of the hotel.

Kristina is very outgoing, she likes to take risks and is always looking for some kind of adventure in her life.

She also has two older sisters.

Maybe she is the kind of girl that interests you?

*You will be able to rename Kristina when she appears in the game.

You will get to learn more about her character during the game, what her strengths and weaknesses are, and how she could aid or maybe even hinder your chances of bringing more business to the hotel.





So anyways, please leave us your thoughts, feedback and constructive criticism about our new character previews, or anything to do with the new game, in the comments section below.

SL v0.1 will be released in late-March, with an exact release date to be posted up soon.

Be sure to check back with us next week for our eight character preview, as well as more details about the release of Sunshine Love!

As mentioned recently, we are currently working on the next update for DMD, with v25 being released here on our Subscribestar page, on Saturday, February 29th.

We’ll check back again with you next week.

Have a great day!


17 thoughts on “SL Development Update 7 – New Character Unveiled Today!

  1. Mr Dots can you please add sex sound only in the sex scenes of your new game Sunshine Love.
    It would be great if you add this.


  2. Breasts are a little too big imo, but the rest looks very, very good! Great work as always!
    Hope we’ll see her sisters in the game as well!

    And please, please make the Sunshine Love longer than Melody! All characters you’ve unveiled so far look absolutely amazing, and they deserve longer storylines!


  3. looks amazing!
    and ignore the to large breast thing. there is no such thing… well there is… but those are not. 🙂


  4. amazing, main girl from DMD with better renders. this one and Victoria from previous post are my favorite so far. i hope for better milf for me right now.


  5. Obviously it remind us of two characters from previous games, but I don’t mind.
    Allthough, just like the D in DMD, the breasts are disproportionate, which is a little bit of a turnoff. Just go down a couple of cups and she’s perfect.


  6. People complaining the tits are too big? They aren’t cartoonish or anything. I’d say they’re grade A, you done did good.


  7. People stop saying boobs are too big. I have had multiple girlfriends with larger chest melons. These are a great size. I actually like the larger size of D from DMD, but hey I like em big, round, and juicy.


  8. So emm.. correct me if I am wrong.. it is fine to assume that those that you can name are “closer” to the MC? like, the female MC being the si.. I mean “close friend” of the MC and the Milf being the female MC’s “mother” who is also “close” to the MC.


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