SL Development Update 8 – New Character Unveiled Today!

Hello to all our fans and supporters!

Today we are unveiling the eighth character that will be a regular in our forthcoming release for Sunshine Love.

As we have mentioned previously, there will be a variety of different female characters that will feature throughout this new VN.

Therefore, it gives us a better chance of providing a character that might be suited more to your specific tastes, interests, desires, etc.

We also mentioned in our previous posts that we will reveal a new character each week, up until just before the first version of Sunshine Love is released.

About our new character

This week’s new character is Jazmin, and she will help you with activities that will take place in and around the hotel.

Jazmin (aka “Jazzy”) is in her mid-twenties, and she regards herself as a very independent woman. Not only is she very fit and highly interested in various sports, she is also a professional masseuse and an expert at giving first aid and helping to relieve pain in her own special way. 😉 😉

She is great at organizing and running extracurricular activities for guests staying at the hotel.

Jazmin also used to work at Xianne’s (from “Melody”) mothers massage parlour, and is well-versed at giving special treatment to her loyal customers, if you know what I mean 😉

Maybe she is the kind of girl that interests you?

*You won’t be able to rename Jazmin when she appears in the game.

You will get to learn more about her character during the game, what her strengths and weaknesses are, and how she could aid or maybe even hinder your chances of bringing more business to the hotel.

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So anyways, please leave us your thoughts, feedback and constructive criticism about our new character previews, or anything to do with the new game, in the comments section below.

SL v0.1 will be released in late-March, with an exact release date to be posted up soon.

As mentioned recently, we are currently working on the next update for DMD, with v25 being released on Saturday, February 29th.

Have a great day!


9 thoughts on “SL Development Update 8 – New Character Unveiled Today!

  1. For now I only became interested in Yuki and the surfer, I think their games are successful for these characters looking like lolitas, and that’s what I looked for in their games, for now and I hope there are more of them in this game, milf doesn’t like it, aside from MC’s mother, (I hope we can have something with her), I wish you success in your game.


  2. Wow! Your renders are getting better and better with each game! SL gonna be stacked with amazing characters, and I hope it’s gonna be a long story, and your biggest success yet ) Can’t wait for the game )


  3. I usually don’t like black women because the look to manly for my taste, i like young petite women, but she looks great and realy cute!! ❤


  4. Hello, I have been looking for your SL Game, have you released it yet? Erich

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