Preview Pics of Victoria From “Sunshine Love v0.1”

Preview Pics of Victoria From “Sunshine Love v0.1”
Hey again everyone.

As mentioned a few days ago, the release of our new game “Sunshine Love” will now be out THIS Saturday, April 4th.

And as promised, today we are sharing with you previews of the sexy food truck owner Victoria, or “Vicky” if she likes you.

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Are you interested in learning how to make some dishes with this professional chef?

Is Victoria the kind of woman that wets your appetite? Do you think you might like to join her family of chefs someday?

We have also added a couple of extra special renders of Victoria that will be a part of our “Rewards Gallery”.

These special renders can only be unlocked by $10+ tier members. And unlike our previous galleries, you will have to locate a certain item or object during the game to unlock each reward.

In this first version of Sunshine Love, there will be special renders of Victoria, Childhood friend, Ashley and Shortcake for you to discover and unlock during the opening version of the game.

If you are on one of the tiers that has the Walkthrough available, it will tell you where you can find all of them.

Let us know your thoughts on these pictures of Victoria in the comments section below.

These will DEFINITELY be our last preview pics before the first version of Sunshine Love is released, this Saturday, April 4th.

Have a great week and please look after yourselves,


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