Sunshine Love – Development News

Good morning/evening everyone.

I’m afraid I have some bad news about the development of our upcoming new game.

Regrettably, things haven’t quite gone to plan this week and we are going to require a few more days, before we can release Sunshine Love to you all. The new release date will now be Saturday, April 4th. 😦

If we can release it earlier than that, then we will let you all know.

There are still a number of things that we need to test, fix and to make sure they all work properly before uploading the game.

Unfortunately these jobs take a lot of time, and we have estimated that we will not be able to finish them all before the original release date that we had set. So allowing ourselves just a few more days to finish them should be enough to get everything done in time for next Saturday.

We are really gutted that we couldn’t release it on Tuesday as promised, especially considering we very rarely miss a deadline that we pre-set.

If we were to release it on Tuesday, then we’d be delivering you an update that we know could be even better, and that’s not what we want for an opening release. So, for that reason, we are delaying it for just a few more days.

Our sincerest apologies for this, as we know a lot of you had been setting your own countdowns and keeping time aside to play it on Tuesday.

However, to somewhat make up for the delay, on Tuesday we will post up some more previews from the game and the rewards gallery, featuring another one of our characters.

This delay shouldn’t cause any hold-ups with the next release of our other game, which will still be released at the end of April (touch wood).

The writing for the next part of the game has already begun and the whole update has been mapped out, so we can start working on it as soon as Sunshine Love is released next weekend.

We appreciate your understanding during this time, and really hope that you are all safe, and looking after yourselves.

I’ll check back with you on Tuesday.

Have a great weekend,


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