Preview Pics of Ashley From “Sunshine Love v0.1”

Hey again everyone.

Before we discuss this week’s previews with you, we here at MrDotsGames would like to say that wherever you are in the world, we hope that you are safe and taking care of yourselves and the people close to you (if you can).

Disclaimer: We also want to reassure all of you that we still plan to release our new game “Sunshine Love”on Tuesday, March 31st. But in case something does happen within the next two weeks that affects our ability to work on the game or release it on this date, then we will let you know straight away. But for now, we’re on track to have SL released on time.

So today we are sharing with you the previews of your childhood friends smokin’ hot mother, Ashley.

What will you do when she invites you over to her house? Will you accept the invite?

Are you even a little bit tempted by this stunning MILF?

Full image:

Full image:

Full image:

Rewards Gallery Feature

We have also added a couple of pictures of Ashley that will be a part of our “Rewards Gallery”.

However, unlike our previous galleries, you will have to locate a certain item or object during the game to unlock each reward.

In this first version of Sunshine Love, there will be special renders of Childhood Friend, Ashley, Shortcake and Victoria for you to discover and unlock during the opening version of the game.

If you are on one of the tiers that has the Walkthrough available, it will tell you where you can find all of them.

Full image:

Full image:

Each girl will have a certain amount of renders that can be unlocked by anyone. There will also be a few extra special renders that can be unlocked by $10+ tier members only.

Let us know your thoughts and predictions on these preview pictures of Ashley below.

We will have more pics to share with you from v0.1, to be posted up early next week!

Have a great day and look after yourselves,


7 thoughts on “Preview Pics of Ashley From “Sunshine Love v0.1”

  1. So hot…I just finished Melody, great job both as a script and as a rendering, really very good. I can’t wait for this “Sunshine Love” to come out.

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  2. Hello all.
    A new game, new challenges and another puzzle on how to arrange the script so that the story was addictive and all the actors had an impact on the course of the following events. I hope that it will be a little harder and, for example, there will be several choices, which, as a result of e.g. a broken relationship, will make the character look for a way to improve their bad mood in something else or with someone else. In previous games, from the beginning, the path of the two main characters was assigned, so I think that more freedom will allow you to discover even greater possibilities and with consequent consequences in the choices of actors. The more happens, the better for the story told and the longer it keeps in suspense at the final result of selected actions. Probably it will be difficult to solve the elements that will appear in individual episodes of the game (transition from Ep1 to Ep 2 etc.), so you will probably have the option to enter the necessary data so that the game can start.
    It would be nice to hear the sounds in this new game. It would be nice if they would reflect a given place, e.g. club music in a disco, romantic in restaurants or sensual with closer relations, it really allows the player to get into a given situation just like in a movie.
    There are characters in the game that will probably visit schools, libraries often, so it would be nice if there were any tasks, e.g. responses to lessons, interaction with other students, and generally events that will affect, for example, well-being later in the day and will cause that some action will not happen. I know that it will be difficult to comprehend everything and full of various ideas appears and appears in the minds of both the creators and the players writing here.
    A lot of fair-skinned characters will be included in the game, but I hope that some dark-skinned Chocolate ladies will appear.

    Greetings to the game developers and players. Have a great weekend and be healthy so that you don’t get sick.

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