The First Previews Pics From “Sunshine Love”

Hey everyone, we hope you all had a great weekend!

Today we are sharing with you the very first previews from our forthcoming third VN, “Sunshine Love”.

The previews below are of your childhood friend, and a trip to the local beach near where she lives.

How will you react when you see her in just a bikini? Will it be an awkward moment for you both?

All will be revealed on Tuesday, March 31st for $5+ patrons!

Let us know your thoughts on these first preview pictures below.

We will have more pics to share with you from v0.1, to be posted up early next week!

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5 thoughts on “The First Previews Pics From “Sunshine Love”

  1. Ok, you know what? She looks great. Initially I was a little bit worried about this character, but now I’m not.
    Hope it will be a long story, because characterwise it is your best game yet.

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  2. You’ve made such a good job with DMD and Melody, you put such a stunnig graphic on your VNs that I even note that it’s a drawing and the scripts are so intriguing. Wee done!
    I’m looking forward to see this new one Sunshine Love. Keep like that!

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  3. The lighting looks sooo much better than in DMD. It’s something I was worried about when you announced the new game and I even made a comment about it, but now all my worries are gone! This is going to be great!

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  4. Its always awsome to see how dev teams evolve from game to game and improve their skills. Everything i have seen about the new game looks awsome. Its also nice how you listend to feedback from the community, but also stayed true to yourself by NOT including hardcore fetishes, that only 5% of the playerbase would enjoy (yeah im looking at you cuck, bimbo, futanari weirdos :P)

    All the female look beautiful on their own, but in that regard you already recieved a lot of positive feedback.

    I also think the male mc looks really good, so the ladys should be satisfied.

    I wish you good luck and health for the future 🙂

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  5. Looks amazing. Can we expect old characters to appear in the new VN? Sophia deserved her own ending or even better a “duo band with Melody, three people relationship” ending

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