SL Development Update 10 – New Character/s Unveiled Today!

Hello to all our fans and supporters!

Today we will be unveiling not one, but TWO characters! They are also the final characters to be revealed before Sunshine Love is released later this month.

We believe that adding any more members to our main cast could cause difficulties with the production of the game in the long run. There will be other characters that feature in SL, but they will be bit-part players.

Of course, there will be villains and enemies of the main characters that won’t be announced here, but they will be a part of the story. And that will include some bad girls as well 😉

Each week between now and when SL is released, we will be posting up some preview images from our very first version of the new project.

As we have mentioned previously, there will be a variety of different female characters that will feature throughout this new VN.

Therefore, it gives us a better chance of providing a character that might be suited more to your specific tastes, interests, desires, etc.

About our new character

This week’s new characters are Ivy and Lily. They’re twins and own and run their own Event Planning Business.

“The Twins” will book and host all events and functions that take place in and around the hotel.

Ivy is the slightly older of the twins, and is in charge of handling the event planning side of things, while Lily handles the advertising, online promotions, social media events.

The girls are very involved and take a hands-on approach with the parties that they organize, and they sometimes like to mingle with the people at these events!

Ivy and Lily come from a very wealthy family, however, they have built their business from the ground up without much outside help since graduating from college. They are the very best at what they do, and sure know how to party!

Would you be interested in spending some time with this delightful duo, or maybe you prefer one sister over the other?

But be careful, sometimes it’s very hard to tell these two apart! 😉

Lastly, they also have a younger sister, Kristina, who was our seventh character that was revealed a few weeks ago.

*You will NOT be able to rename Ivy and Lily when they appear in the game.

You will get to learn more about their characters during the game, what their strengths and weaknesses are, and how they could aid or maybe even hinder your chances of bringing more business to the hotel.

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Full link:

Full link:

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Feedback and the Release Date for Sunshine Love v0.1

Please leave us your thoughts, feedback and constructive criticism about our new character previews, or anything to do with the new game, in the comments section below.

SL v0.1 will be released on Tuesday, March 31st

Be sure to check back with us next week for the first of our previews from the opening release of our new game.

If you aren’t aware, we released our latest version of DMD over the weekend. V25 is now available for you to download and play if you are a member on our Subscribestar page –

We’ll check back again with you next week.

Have a great day!


8 thoughts on “SL Development Update 10 – New Character/s Unveiled Today!

  1. Hello, I just wanted to say your latest update for DMD is awesome. When will chapter 4 be coming out if there will be one?  Also, SOunds as if it may rank up there with DMD, if I may say. Will have to wait for the release to play and compare. Thank you for such great games EJ

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  2. so I know it’s a little too soon to talk about chapter 4 of DMD but I have a very important question how is chapter 4 going to continue from chapter 3? is it going to be like chapter 2 continuous automatically from chapter 1? or it’s going to be like chapter 3 you are asked some questions from where you left off? because if it is going to be like chapter 3 a very important question you should ask is have you rejected Elena yes or no and if you choose yes another question should pop up the question is if you ended the relationship with Elena in chapter 3 yes or no and the same question would pop up if you are with Jennifer or Georgina I’m asking this question because I assume in chapter 3 we are going to end the relationship with all the other girls or to give a choice if you want to continue or not the relationship with the other girls

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    1. oops that was a mistake in my question when I say have you rejected Elena yes or no and I said yes I meant to say no
      no I haven’t rejected Elena and then the question that have you ended the relationship with Elena in chapter 3 yes or no shirt pop up


  3. My favorite !!! Incrediable, my definition of beauty. I love them, but now i have to discover her personnality.


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