DMD V0.25 is Here!

Good morning/evening, to wherever in the world you are reading this from!

So after three months since the last update, DMD is back with a brand-new release – v25 is out today and now available for you to download and play!

Download the Game:

As it stands, DMD will only be available officially through our Subscribestar (SS) page.

So far we have more than 1200 people subscribed to our SS page, so thanks a bunch to those of you that have already signed up and are supporting us. These generous pledges will help us to keep the game afloat. So it’s very much appreciated guys!

For more information and how to sign up, please visit:


We are incredibly thankful for those of you whom have supported us at any point during the production of both of our games, and especially those that continue to fund the ongoing development of DMD, MELODY, and our soon to be released THIRD GAME!
As you may or may not already know, we have made a change to our release schedule for our game updates. From now on, future updates of DMD will be released every second month, with our new game “Sunshine Love” being worked on or released in between. So expect a lot more updates of DMD between now and when the game is completed.
The other huge piece of news we shared with you all a few weeks ago is that there will be fourth chapter added to this first VN of ours, which means the game will run through until sometime next year. The reason for this decision is mainly due to not being able to fit in the several story arcs, and concluding the various pathways within the next five or six updates (which was the original plan).
 If we were to do so, then we know that we’d be rushing the endings to the game, and not getting in everything we as a team have discussed and mapped out for the final parts of DMD, over the past three or so years.

Plus it wouldn’t be fair to give you all a half-baked conclusion to a game that we know you have all loved and supported for such a long time.

You guys deserve much better than that and we will do everything to deliver a satisfying end to our debut VN.

About this update

With more time on our hands now for what we have in mind for how to end DMD, the next few updates will each be dedicated to one or two various paths that you may or may not be on. This update may seem a little shorter in playing time due to two things:

– If you are only playing the D path, and

– We didn’t start working on this update until late January, giving us less time than usual. That time was dedicated to our very first release of Sunshine Love, because we want it to be a big opening release for you guys who are subscribed to either of our two pages (Patreon and Subscribestar).
If you have played DMD up until the end of v24 (Day 34), you may have noticed in the “D menu” the number of sharing paths that have been added to the girls that you can individually date (Elena, Jen, Georgina).
This update continues on where Day 34 ended, with our two main characters reflecting on their adventures from the night before, and how or if it will affect their relationship in the future. Some of their close friends already know about your forbidden romance with D, but what happens when the wrong person finds out that you’re dating your own daughter?
A couple of D’s best friends will feature in this update, as will a couple of yours. There’s a very risqué photoshoot that D will model for, and one huge moment, possibly the most important in the game thus far that will also happen.

Now that a few different sharing paths are in play, you will also have to decide which ones you want to stay on or which you think that you should end.

Most decisions that you make from here on in can change the way the game ends for better or worse, so if you have the Walkthrough, you may want to consider using it.

Thank you!

We are incredibly thankful for those of you who have supported us at any point during the production of our first two games, and especially those that supported us through the production and completion of our second game MELODY.

The team and I are even more grateful for your continued support and feedback for the forthcoming release of our third game, SUNSHINE LOVE.

The first version of SL will be out in late-March, with an official release date to be confirmed this week.

Final Words

I really hope you enjoy playing DMD v0.25, and again, thanks as always for sticking with us.

We also have an Unofficial Discord Fan if you would like to chat with other like-minded fans of my two games, share your own fan art, ideas etc.

Anyways, if you’d like to join the channel, the invitation link is below:


Please make sure to read the rules of the channel in the “info-and-rules” section, before you do anything else.

Two members of my team (HearszAM and Jeff Steel) are on this channel as well, so this discord page is another way you can reach me through them.

As always you can leave your thoughts, feedback and constructive criticism on today’s update in the comments section below.

We always strive to do our best and to give our fans a satisfying hour (or so) of entertainment with each release for either of our games.

Thank you for your continued support because without it, our games would not exist.


21 thoughts on “DMD V0.25 is Here!

  1. Damn, I was really eager to see what the tattoo Rachel got was! At least it will only be two months as opposed to three to see the continuation this time. Looking forward to it already!

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      1. If you tried earlier today, there was a log-jam. Try again now and if you have problems, be sure to enter the “error” message so we know what your problem might stem from.


      1. I’d like for there to be a sharing route and also a NTR route (although I highly doubt one is being planned). MrDots is usually pretty good about letting you avoid whatever kinks don’t appeal to you so I don’t see why anyone would complain if NTR is eventually included as long as it’s avoidable like the sharing routes are. As much cheating as the MC has been allowed to get away with so far, seems only fair that D should at least have some opportunities as well.


  2. I’m a bit confused what do you mean you’re going to release a new update every second month you mean like in March we are not going to get update but in April we are going to get a update

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    1. Yes so for March, we will release the first version of our new game “Sunshine Love”, then in April it will be the next update of DMD (then June, August, October etc).
      Last year we released DMD every third month, therefore, with this new rotation, you don’t need to wait as long for updates 😉

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      1. Hearsz, sorry to bother you, but I would like if you could, tell me your email, I would like to send you an email, I think it will be great to post here, and I also want to avoid causing any conflict here with other users.
        If possible send it to
        I promise not to be bothering you, you can even block me if you want after receiving the email, I would just like to say a few things about the DMD game, as a big fan of him and you, since you are the writer.


  3. Nice update! Not a long one but more to come this year so that’s all good 😀. I was hoping for a public sex scene with D wearing those tiny shorts, sitting on F’s lap in the restaurant. Maybe in an other update!


  4. I must say that I love that the relationship between Rachel and her father (and her lack of relationship with her mother) led her to want to be the “best” possible mother by separating D from her F and locking her up. Which led to the fact that D wanted to get closer to his F. If she had been a good wife and mother …. different story.
    I really enjoyed the different cameos
    a few bugs, however, at the motel if you’re not going for anal. there is still a discussion after the fact that she has appreciated the anal.
    keep up the good work;)


  5. Im wondering, is there a path that includes ALL of the Love interest girls? (keep in mind I’ve yet to do a full run through i’m just curious since you have to choose between Jennifer and Georgina)


  6. Great update! But I have wishes for the next: More groping and foreplay before sex (see more full shots instead of closeups) More “secret” touching in public. And new kissing scenes like the new scenes in f.ex Lewd Island (more movements)
    Thank you for great game! 🙂


  7. Hello masters in creating games. I will write a little bit about games already published, because I just wonder about their ending. Melody’s game is over (maybe there will be another part with adult and famous Melody someday). In DmD, work is still ongoing, so I will add a few words from myself, maybe it will be helpful.


    In Melody, the story of a beginner singer is interestingly described with a lot of events of the main characters. However, there was a lack of greater integration with other actors and more choices and, as a result, the ending of the game. According to me, the sound setting in such a musical game is simply “must be”. She lacks in places where Melody spends time with her musician, in restaurants, clubs or during moody moments between them, not to mention the sounds of e.g. a guitar during their joint exercises. Yes, I know I would love to feel the atmosphere too, like such details, but they can feel into this story very much. It is known that the game was conducted from the beginning on the relationship between the music teacher and his student, but there was no such greater competition from the rest of the environment. Melody had no dilemmas and the musician did not have to fight for Melody, for example with someone younger who also became interested in his student. It was enough to simply give up the competition and the other party like Rebecca or Sophia did not fight for this relationship, romantic and quite close meetings with our teacher. Nothing is known about the fate of these girls and I think that many would like to know if everyone found their happiness as it is shown in romantic films at the end.


    Another great game with lots of educational and funny texts, which certainly not one of the players will use for relationships in their real life. Big applause for the man responsible for the script (also the one in Melody), because it’s really nice to read these valuable phrases, which do not often appear in this type of games, where the main focus is on eroticism.
    The action in the game is well written, there are many choices that can then decide whether a new thread will appear or end. As in Melody, the focus is mainly on the relationship of the two main characters, but here there is greater integration with the rest of the actors in the game. As you know, every game must have an end and then the questions arise as to what it will be. The heroes of the game do not have to fight for relationships, because the ending is known in advance what will be, unless the authors invent unexpected twists to make it different.
    What if D becomes a model and meets some handsome young model in a casting. Will F accept that his D decides to live with someone other than him? The question arises again: what will the situation of other people in the game look like, e.g. Will Rachel finally learn about the relationship her ex-husband has after the divorce? Will Georgina give up the fight for love and meet someone else? Will Jennifer stay alone with her teddy bear and little golden friend? How will Elena’s story unfold, will she be interested in her father’s friend Adam, or was it just their one-time adventure in the car before traveling by train with F and D? Will Graham and Olivia have any adventures with the main characters or just met people or their feelings are too strong to succumb to temptation.
    In the end, a lot of unresolved cases with the rest of the actors, who on the one hand certainly cause great confusion and difficulties in developing subsequent episodes. These types of games are like a series in which you never know who will fall and who will stay. I think that not only I would like to see how the stories of all other people from the game will roll or possibly a few episodes to make it end. What will happen with Martin, Margo, Vicky, Jordan or during the settlement of divorce cases by F between Jeff and Lyla, who from what has been described have a much closer relationship than just a professional one. Just like in Melody, here also could use a sound setting in places where this music is like restaurants. I think that a nice option would also be the ability to turn on the music in the apartment, e.g. during nice moments not only in bed. As for the issue of sounds during intimate situations, probably many would want to hear, but such sensual ones, such as in some erotic movies (such as on TV sometimes let). The authors have a really difficult decision to make, and the solution to each one requires a huge amount of work. I am well thought and I know that the way the story in this game will end will be more developed than the one from the end of the Game of Thrones series (where did the dragon fly?).

    Although I’m a guy, I like romance and this somewhat outdated way of adoring women. It’s a bit like reading books. It’s much more fun to delve into the whole story than to read a summary of the most important events.

    I haven’t played this latest version yet, maybe a lot of the information I have written here has just been included.
    If I find the time, I’ll see if the relationships in the game will change as if in a kaleidoscope.

    Regards to the authors of the games and players, take care of health during this difficult period. Let everything end happily just like in the game.


  8. I hope Georgina will be more involved, sex with Georgina, threesome(s) daughter-Georgina lesbian or threesome daughter start flerting having sex with other characters!


  9. Hi bro!! I am big fan of your work. I appreciate your gfx and story writing skills .
    When will next update of dmd chapter 3 will come? Btw i have played till v0.25.Because of quarantine due to covid-19 outstspread ,it all became boring.Can you release it early, i am very exited to play next one


  10. Many are waiting for more extensions to DMD, but now is a difficult period. The most important thing is that the creators of the game do not spend too much time, because these games what they do is just an add-on and they have their own work. There are many options what to do now, e.g. walking the dog, running where there are no people, gymnastics at home. I run 10 km every day and then I feel great all day.
    As for games, I don’t know if it’s good to do several projects at once, but since the third game is being created, it means that DMD will end soon.
    It is a pity that Melody ended so quickly, but from the beginning the pace of the relationship was very fast and the story was completely different.
    Maybe someday there will be the second part with daughter Melody in the lead role.

    Best regards, take care of yourself and your families. A lot of positive energy for every day.


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