Sunshine Love v0.0.1 Now Available!

Good morning/evening again to my loyal supporters.

Wherever you are in the world, we hope that you are safe and looking after yourself as best as you can, and as always, we really appreciate the support you have given us throughout the creation of our first two games.
Today we proudly present and release the first update for our third visual novel “Sunshine Love” (SL).

You can download it by subscribing to my Patreon/SubscribeStar page:

About this update (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

My team and I have been developing and coming up with ideas for SL for quite a while now, and we do feel as though we have done everything we can to make this the best and certainly the biggest opening of the three games that we have developed so far.

At one point last year we were working on our three games at once! We’re a little relieved we won’t have that problem again, any time soon!

The beginning of this new visual novel will have a backstory with a lot more depth than what you would have seen in Melody (presuming you have played it).

Not every character that you have seen from our previews over the past couple of months will feature in this first release though.

One of the reasons for this is that we would like to give them all as much equal screen time as possible, and more than just a few short scenes for each.

This is another thing that we would like to do differently to what we have done with DMD and Melody previously.

You’ll be given plenty of information about a handful of characters during this first release, the objective of the game, and how to search for the several bonus images we’ve placed in the game, during your journey.

Much like our previous two VN’s, there will be some basic mini-games and some multi-options during character interactions, which will hinder or help your chances not only with potential love interests, but also achieving the end goal of the game.

This first release is pretty dialogue-heavy and is mainly about you getting to know some of the characters in the game.

There are still a number of things that we are working on to improve, but as always, we want to get your feedback on what you would like to see, what you think we could do better, and what we are doing right!

There’s several new features, the model and animation quality has improved, the menu setup is far more detailed than our previous games, and we have a cast of characters that we feel will be up there with the very best in the Adult VN/Game market.

So please, we are welcome to your ideas, as we want this game to be a fit with your own tastes and desires, as much it will be for ours.

As always, if you find any errors or bugs in the game, please list them in the comments section below and I’ll have them fixed by the next update.

One thing that we always strive for is to continually deliver a quality storyline to you all and to evolve with our animations, scene ideas, mini-games and the renders that many fans have given me wonderful compliments for already.

I have already received some incredible feedback on the previews that have been posted up over the past couple of months.

Being able to use and create Genesis 8 models (compared to Gen 3 models for the first two games) has already yielded some huge improvements and major differences.

Hopefully, you’ll see that too after you’ve finished playing this first release.

Having Your Own Tablet

About halfway through the update, you will be given a tablet that will help you throughout the game.


You will find a special menu in the tablet with various features, such as a Replay Gallery, the Rewards Gallery, Character Information, Music Playlist, and the ability to call any of the girls in the game (not always possible).

You can also change the background on your tablet to something other than a plate full of doughnuts!!

Here’s an idea of what the tablet menu looks like:

Tablet Menu




Character Info.


In this section, you can change the name of certain characters when you view their profiles.
So when the tablet pops up in the top right corner of your screen, check it out, and have a look around to familiarise yourself with this new feature.
Hotel Menu

You will see a Hotel icon on the left side of your screen. This will contain the current star rating of the hotel, the set tasks you must complete to turn it into a one-star hotel, services you can provide your guests, the staff who work there and some history behind the hotel and the lighthouse.
When you reach each start level, the stars in the middle will light up. Your main objective is to turn the place into a five-star hotel by the end of the game.
The set tasks will change each time you move up a star level, so be sure to check the “Task List” each time you do this.

*NOTE: There will be more information for this in the next update.



Music Player feature and Sound Effects

Unlike with Melody (and still with DMD), our new game will have background music from the beginning of the game.

However, instead of the music changing after each scene as it does in Melody, we have included a “music jukebox”, with twenty-four different tracks for you to choose from and change while you are playing the game.

The music player icon is on the right-hand side of the screen and it looks like this:


Of course, if you would rather play your own music, then a mute button is available too 😉

In selected scenes, you will hear specific sound effects for things like when the phone rings, or a knock at the door, or when the ocean crashes against the shore. Check that your music volume setting isn’t significantly louder to the sound volume, otherwise, you may not be able to hear some of these effects!

Rewards Gallery

As mentioned during our Ashley and Victoria preview posts, we have included not one, but two galleries in our “Rewards” section.

They will both feature some special bonus renders, however, the full completed versions for both will only be available to those of you who are $10+ tier members.

The first gallery is what we have called the “Peeping Tom” Gallery. Near the beginning of the story, you will see a “newspaper headline” that will mention a Peeping Tom (a recognizable face to some of you) who has special X-ray vision powers that allow him to see through women’s clothing.

He will appear on the left side of the screen during specific points in the game, which will help you to find and then view these 41 special “see-through” renders.
Simply click on his face, and you will see an alternate version of the render that is on screen at the time.

See below for an example:


However, you can also choose to disable this feature if you’d prefer not to see alternate renders of our female characters throughout the story.

To do that, all you need to do is select “Options” in the main menu, then “Extra Preferences”.

Where it says “Peeping Tom mode”, simply change this to “Disabled” and that will stop the “Peeping Tom” icon from coming up during the game.

The other special addition to this first version of Sunshine Love is the “Doughnut Gallery”.
There will be 60 bonus renders for you to locate and view in this update, plus some extra bonus renders (again for $10 tier members) that you will need to locate during scenes in the game.
You can view the Rewards menu by clicking here in the main menu:


If you need help in locating any of these “Doughnut Gallery” bonus renders, we recommend that you use the Special Rewards Gallery Walkthrough to make finding them much easier (if it is available to you).

For this first update, only four of the female characters will have extra bonus renders for you to view and search for.

The next update will feature other characters in this gallery.

And how will you locate all of these bonus renders you might ask? Simple!

We have set it up for you to search for the “hidden doughnuts” that will pop up on the screen throughout the update.

Clicking on them will unlock these special renders, and then they will be available for you to view them in the Rewards gallery!

And the best part is, once you’ve found them (or the Peeping Tom renders) then they will automatically be saved in the Rewards galleries.

In other words, you don’t need to find the same ones again, they will permanently stay in the gallery, even if you load a different save slot!

Here’s an example of a doughnut that is on the screen during the game:


See if you can find them all!! 😉

Animated Scenes (***SPOILERS***):

ROLLING WIPS (Ashley, Nicole, Victoria, Childhood friend, Shortcake, Trisha, Yuki)
SIDE-ROLLING WIP of Sunshine Bay
– Nicole and Victoria making out
– Nicole cowgirl (two angles)
– Victoria cowgirl (two angles)
– You and Nicole making out
– Nicole oral scenes (two angles)
– Nicole doggy scene (three angles)
– Childhood Friend hips gyrating

Final Words

This first release of Sunshine Love is a lot bigger than the usual updates of our other two games. It’s taken several months of planning, weeks of hard work and long hours just for us to get it as perfect as possible. It’s been a tiring process, but we’re really confident that it will all be worth it in the end.

However, not all of our SL releases will be as long as this one, mainly due to the short time-frame we normally allow ourselves between updates (4 weeks usually).

Plus the development of Sunshine Love is a lot more complex than it has been with Melody and DMD.

The one thing we don’t have to worry about with future updates is things like coming up with the plot, characters’ designs, coding the galleries, the stats systems, and the music jukebox. These things took up a huge chunk of our time and it’s a huge relief knowing that we won’t have to do them again for any other update.

Normally we would work over a four-week period to get updates of either of our games out at least once a month. But after requiring an extra few days to work on this first version of Sunshine Love, we have seen just how much of a difference having more time to work on the game really makes.

So with that, we will be releasing our two games, five weeks apart from each other, and we will continue to aim for a Saturday release so you can play the new updates on a weekend rather than during the week. With this amended schedule, we will do our utmost to make sure you still get one update of either game at least once a month, even if we have to adjust the schedule a bit here and there.

Anyways, without further ado, we’ll let you get to playing the game. Please let us know what you think because as our loyal supporters, your opinions, comments and feedback mean a hell of a lot to us.

We make these games for you as much as ourselves, and we would sincerely love to continue creating them for as long as you want us to.

And with the way the world is at the present time, we especially hope that we can bring you some joy to all of you, with this, our brand new game.

All the best, stay safe, and we hope you thoroughly enjoy our third visual novel, “Sunshine Love”!


21 thoughts on “Sunshine Love v0.0.1 Now Available!

  1. i and many others would like to see a harem path because I hate when I have to choose one of the girls and when girls look fantastic like in this game it makes my choice a lot harder which girl you want to have relations and which girl you don’t want have relations that’s why I prefer harem because that way you have all of them and you don’t have to choose and in any case they you cannot put the harem then i’m going to choose only the sister character
    ps: sorry for the bad grammar English is not mine native language

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  2. Just played it and so far SO GREAT!
    Renders look very good and very clean, animated scenes are well done, and the character cast on this game is simply fantastic.
    SL is definitely looking like your best game so far. I hope it’s gonna be a long game, full of possibilities (including harem).
    Great job, keep it up! )

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  3. Absolutely loved this Mrdots! And I’m really happy that there’s more “thicc” ladies around!
    I’m happy that you took the time into setting the story and characters up. Looking forward for what’s to come. Good luck on the development of this amazing VN.

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  4. I am amazed at the start of this game.
    locations and background
    was all great
    except that once again there is no pubic hair
    so much for the “completely different in every possible way”
    And especially the very cute redhead … unfortunately also shaved (or no hair grows in women in this world except hair and eyebrows)
    Please, really please, give us the choice to have that

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    1. Hi Ashkay.
      This issue should be fixed now with the game download links that were replaced and posted about last week.

      HearszAM (Chief Writer for MrDots)


  5. I’ve only gotten through the introductory part, but I’m already excited about this. I also hope that there is a harem option as others have said before me. Choosing just one of these beautiful girls is simply impossible!

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    1. Hey Kvööt!

      Really happy that you enjoyed the first version of Sunshine Love. There’s still plenty more to come!

      And as for your “hope”, that option is a possibility for sure 😉

      Have a great day,
      HearszAM (Chief Writer for MrDots)


  6. Ok, guys, if you’re reading comments here, here’s a little bit of criticism:

    1) I really like the “find a doughnut” mini-game, BUT it kinda distracts you from dialogues and makes you too focused on finding the doughnut, especially since it can be found anywhere: on a bookshelf, under a car wheel, etc.
    Maybe placing the doughnut in the more appropriate places would work better? For example, if the scene is outside, you know there’s no doughnuts, so there’s no point in searching every corner of the screen. And if the scene is in the kitchen, dining room, or any other place appropriate for such things as doughnuts, THEN you know that you should pay more attention to the surroundings.

    2) Background music. It’s a solid selection, but sometimes the music doesn’t fit the scene. Especially when you’re trying to, you know, reach a certain base with a character and you hear this very offsetting beach music playing, it kinda kills the mood. Yes, I know, you can turn it off, but maybe having a more fitting (erotic) kind of music would help create a certain atmosphere?
    And sounds of ocean waves – they are a little bit too loud.

    3) The on-screen After choices makes the game way too easy to play. I mean, when you are instantly aware of the consequences of your actions, you’re never gonna pick a bad option. Maybe if you could turn it off/on in the menu, it would be better?

    4) The black screen appears for a fraction of a second during some animated scenes (probably indicating the beginning/ending of a sequence). Maybe it’s a problem with my PC, I am not sure, but there’s that.

    And I think that’s it.
    Other than these minor things, the game looks and plays great. I have played a lot of VNs, and games from DrPinkCake are still my favorite, but with Melody you showed that you can be the best in the business, and so far Sunshine Love has the potential to become one of the greatest VNs all-time.

    Thank you for reading, and keep up the good work!

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    1. In addition I think it is annoying that there is no effect in the transition between the characters’ movements.


    2. Perfect review, you just write everything i was going to write. Also wanna add some remark to choices which affect relation points.

        They lack creativity, they are very straightforward and sometimes stupid, so very ez or very hard to guess. I think a lot of players have a lot of experience and want a much more creative choices with result which depends on characters themselfs not on RP(Relation Points) with them.

        Choices should have unpredictable result (characters shouldn’t obviously react in every such situation) , cause players can just go back and guess right choice which ruin all the fun.

      Players obviously can not keep playing if they know that they had pick wrong choice a minute ago.

      So 2 things have to be done :

      1) Rework choices and choices system, make them more unpredictable , more complex, more character-base…

      2) Add posibility to turn on/off hints on RP changes ( for newbies / hardcore players)

      Thats all) Everything else is fantastic) 10/10

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    3. Terrific feedback Lev237!
      This is what we like to see and what we want to know!
      Apologies for the late reply, been quite busy with our next update for DMD.

      Much like when we put out the first release of Melody, we weren’t really sure how SL would be received. So for us to find out that the feedback has been mostly positive is incredibly satisfying.
      However, we know it’s not perfect, no first release is ever going to be, especially one with as much content as what we put in for SL (1.3GB’s worth!).

      We knew before we released it that not all features (new or old) would sit well with everyone, and we were prepared for some feedback regarding this.

      In response to the four points you made (all very important to us may I add):
      1) We’ll keep that in mind for future releases. The other main concern with the donut feature was that there were long spaces in between one donut appearing to the next.
      That was mainly because we put them into scenes for characters that featured in the gallery.
      i.e. the scene with Ashley at her house – special renders of her from the same scene were in the gallery.

      This feature is something that needs more work and was only added in about a week or so before the game was released.

      2) This is a tricky one. I wasn’t made aware of this until after Melody was completed, but we used about 130 different tracks for that game and had to place them into the games coding, before every single scene in the game. That was a painful experience, haha!
      I had a catalog of about 1,300 songs to choose from initially, which I cut down to just over 200. And then I had to choose from those 200 tracks to see which ones would fit each scene.

      This is something we definitely didn’t want to have to go through again for SL, so the music player was brought in to leave the option to the player, rather than us selecting the music for you, and spending several hours adding them in with each release.
      We can, however, add more tracks to the music player whenever we want to (or take tracks out). There are currently 24 songs in there and naturally, we want to change them genres and themes up a bit.
      As for the sound of ocean waves, it’s one that we unfortunately didn’t get quite right. Initially, the audio was too soft and I over-amplified it!
      However, that’s what the music and sound volume bars are in the menu section for.

      3) This is an issue that I discussed with Jeff Steel (our ideas guy) just today funnily enough.
      It’s one of a number of things we’re not really happy with but I guess that falls under the bracket of “keeping things that worked okay for our previous games”.
      Another thing to keep in mind was that we have people who have never played our games before, or SL is the first of our that they have played, so they may not be familiar with our style.
      But I do agree with you, choices should be more difficult or they should require a bit more thinking on the part of the player. Great point made here, and certainly an area we will look to improve on 😉

      4) No, that was not your fault, that was an issue we had with the animations which has been fixed already. We re-uploaded the download links last week and this issue, along with several others has been rectified now.
      There’s also an option to turn off the peeping tom (wolf whistle) and “ooh, a donut” sound effect off if you find it too annoying.

      Thank you so much for the awesome feedback mate.
      Even three and a bit years into doing this job, every day is still a learning process for us, and comments/feedback like yours will help us to get even better at what we do.

      All the best,
      HearszAM (Chief Writer for MrDots)


  7. I have just completed Sunshine love and believe me when I say it that it’s super awesome. My stomach is on a knot for the next update. I have played all of your games and you are the best VN creator out there in the industry.
    If possible divert your maximum attention to Sunshine love because I can guarantee it has a future maybe even bigger than both melody and dmd. Dmd is almost at its end so just make Sunshine love as your flagship.
    Again congrats and thank you for bringing this fantastic VN to us.

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind feedback Ashutosh!
      We work very hard at what we do and we’re always looking to improve wherever possible – which we certainly know that we can.
      The main thing we try to do is be consistent with our releases and to also listen to what you guys want to see in our games. Constructive criticism is important in the learning process as well.
      We’d sure love to go back to working on one game but there’s still plenty of love and interest in our first VN, and that’s mainly the reason why we’re still creating updates for it. Again, it’s the fans that have asked for more and we like to duly oblige where we can.

      Have a great day, and thanks again for your support!

      HearszAM (MrDots’ Chief Writer)


  8. Faith+1? Is that a South Park reference? What about your games? Melody : awesomly terrific. DmD : oh God I like this game (and I have so many expectations). SL : I replayed it 3 times since a week.

    Juste a question : will the georgina part in DmD have an impact on SL? (Yeah, I know no spoilers, just a clue)

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    1. Faith+1? Is that a South Park reference? >

      Yes, it is! I try to put in the odd TV show or film reference where I can, and the more ridiculous it sounds, the better! lol

      As for the Georgina question, there’s no real intent for her to be a major part of SL, but we wanted to show a few things in this first release (i.e. that shes Nicole’s older sister) that tie the three games together within the same “MrDotsGames” universe.

      This is what we’re calling our “trilogy” of VN’s, but we are looking at moving away from this style of creating and storytelling for the fourth game.
      Hope that answers your questions.

      Have a great day, and thanks again for your support!

      HearszAM (MrDots’ Chief Writer)


  9. About the MC: It must’ve been a hard decision whether to give the MC a face or not. I can’t tell yet if it’s mainly positive or negative. It doesn’t feel like a first-person experience anymore but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Very positive: The cock looks very natural and not ridiculously huge.

    About the female characters: MILFs, MILFs, MILFs, even the “sister” (which looks like Aunt Amy from “Melody”). The usual Kardashian butts and oversized silicone tits with creepy nipple locations. If it wasn’t for the cousin I probably wouldn’t continue the story.

    About the story: Very interesting and entertaining.

    About the gameplay: I like the new features (task list, tablet).

    About the first release: Instead of introducing so many characters at once and length with no sex involved at all (except Nicole right at the beginning) it would’ve been better to concentrate first on 2-3 characters and introduce the other characters in future updates.


  10. I play Sl on android and it ended in 30 mins when our half sister fights with us and goes around and lucus appears and starts to harass her


  11. I play Sl on android and it ended in 30 mins when our half sister fights with us and goes around and lucus appears and starts to harass her.


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