Fan-Fiction: Melody and friends

Hello to all of our fans.

A few weeks back, one of my supporters sent myself and HearszAM (the chief writer for my games) some fan fiction, based on Melody and other characters from my second visual novel.

He’s known as N2TheFire and he is very passionate about the stories that he has written so far.

I would ask that you take the time to visit his blog and have a read of some of his fan-fiction, and also leave him a comment with your thoughts:

And if you are going to leave criticism, then please make sure it is constructive, just like you would with us when we put out an update.

N2TheFire is only new at this, and I’m sure he would prefer your encouragement more than anything else.

We like to help and inspire those that support our games in any way we can, and we realize a lot of time and effort went into writing these stories. We also made this post today in the hope that it might also inspire some of you to start up your own blog and do something similar!

And if writing is not your thing, there’s always creating your own fan-art, using any of the characters from our three games so far (or even your own model creations too!).

There’s been several different creators and artists who have been doing their own designs of our characters for nearly three years now, and some of the quality of these renders have been nothing short of outstanding.

We encourage everyone to submit your fan-art to the Unofficial Fan Discord, so that others can view your work:

Check back with us on Monday when we announce the release date for the next available version of DMD, as well as posting up some previews from DMD v26.

Have a great day everyone,