New DMD Preview Pics & v26 Release Date

Hello to all my loyal followers, and also to my new fans that have recently joined.
We hope you all had a great weekend and that you were able to celebrate Easter with the people closest to you.

Today we are sharing with you some preview pics from our upcoming release – DMD v.26. As always, we try and find new locations for each update and the next one will be no exception!
You, D and Elena make a trip to the local health spa, and you find time to get up to a bit of mischief while you are there. But how does this all come about?
You can find out when DMD v26 is released, which will be on May 2nd, 2020!

Again there will be two more days in the game with the next release, as we move ever closer to “D” participating in the Seaside Modelling Competition.
So that’s it for now, we have just over a couple of weeks to complete and post up the new release to you all. Naturally, there will be some more preview pics to be posted up in the lead up to the game’s early-May release.
A huge welcome to those of you who have recently joined the MrDotsGames community, and a special thanks to all of you who continue to support the work that we have been doing for nearly three and a half years now. Without you guys, none of this is possible.
I will be in touch again with you all real soon. Please take care of yourselves as best as you can (stay indoors and play my games, haha!)

Have a great day, and as always, thank you very much for your support!
You can see the rest of the previews on my SubscribeStar page here:

3 thoughts on “New DMD Preview Pics & v26 Release Date

  1. Sir please read until end ,because i have to tell this to you .
    I Am a big fan of your game ,first of all i have to say that i am poor at english grammar .
    I have to say thanks to you for a Lovable games you done .
    I have to say melody is the game that i started playing first .Everything in that game is enjoyable to me .
    I am so happy to see that xianna and sophia in DMD Ch3 day 35 on the restaurant .Now if you don’t mind ,I have a suggestion that please make a 2nd part for melody pr crossover of melody and DMD
    I tell this because i have no girlfriend now and i don’t try for another because my GF is dead in an accident on last year and i am addicted to these games because of melodis character is similar to her .If i am a billionaire then i gave much money to you to do it as a fever that making melody ,but i am a jobless teenager now and i don’t have a chance to become pardon member until i get a good job .If i get one ,then sure i become a pardon member again .

    “In my dream i imagine that if Daughter hear songs of melody and become a fan of her song and see melody in an event and become friends and melody help daughter in her modelling career .
    I that time rachel find daughter and father and say what done in her life and they forgive her for everything and rachel go to live with her old lover (Jennefer uncle) and father became a professional photographer at the end ”

    If you don’t mind do it to me ,I hope you will .Thanks

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