DMD v.26 – More Preview Pics!

Hello to all my loyal followers from all over the world.
Today we are sharing with you a preview pic from our upcoming release: DMD v.26.
This particular location may look familiar to those of you who have played the first chapter of the game. If you’ve followed our work for a long time, you will know that we sometimes like to revisit old locations, and with this next update, D and F will be doing just that. They will also be visiting several new locations too!

But what is the reason for them venturing down to this special part of Seaside (which is very late at night)?

As mentioned during last week’s post, DMD v26 will be released on Saturday, May 2nd, 2020!

We have less than two weeks before the new release will be available to you all, and we will post up the last of our preview pics early next week. Then you can all start counting down the days for when v26 is released!
A huge thanks to all of you who have joined my Subscribestar page.

We recently reached 1,500 members, and we also now have the second-highest supported games on this site.

So with that in mind, when we reach 2,000 members, I will be posting up some specially made renders as my own special thanks to you all. So there’s something else for you to look forward to 😉 
To view the other preview pics from this set, you will need to subscribe to my page here:

I will be in touch again early next week, and as I always say, without you guys, none of this is possible.

Have a great day, and thank you very much for your support!


7 thoughts on “DMD v.26 – More Preview Pics!

  1. Where is the binocular guy. I like this guy so much. Hope he will be there whit his big binocular to participate at the show 😀 !

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  2. Things I look forward the most in the next update:
    – sneaky public sex scenes with D in broad daylight.
    – getting D to be on the pregnancy path to get in Graham and Olivia’s league!

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