DMD v.26 – Even more preview pics!

Hello to all my loyal followers from all over the world.

For the final time before DMD v.26 is released, which will be this Saturday, May 2nd, 2020, today we will be sharing with you some more preview pics from our upcoming release.

As you can see from the preview pic below, your daughter and former co-worker Georgina have some similarities when it comes to choosing sexy undergarments to wear.

But what could be the reason for them both wearing the exact same pieces of lingerie?

Are they modelling a new line of underwear for your viewing pleasure, or is it so much more than that?

All will be revealed very soon…

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A huge thanks to all of you who have joined my Subscribestar page. As mentioned last week, we recently reached 1,500 members, and we also now have the second-highest supported games on this site.

So with that in mind, when we reach 2,000 members, I will be posting up some specially made renders as my own special thanks to you all. So there’s something else for you all to look forward to 😉

There’s only a few more days to go before v26 is released guys, and I will post up a countdown clock sometime on Saturday (or late on Saturday evening for some of you).

We hope you are all keeping well and that our games have kept you entertained during these incredibly unique but strange times.

Have a great day, and thank you very much for sticking with us!


10 thoughts on “DMD v.26 – Even more preview pics!

    1. Just Martin ? Come on ! When i see D i see 3 holes free ! We need more friends for the party !


  1. I played DMD ch 1&2 and i loved them.But what is wrong with ch3.Story was focusing on daughter’s love for father.She had some bad experiences and it took a eternity to fall in love with dad.It was a nice love story.But after several conversation daughter desiring about martin.It is unrealistic and it doesn’t make any sense.It doesn’t go with daughter character.Please don’t ruin the story.

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    1. Hey there.
      Being on the Martin path is a choice made by you, the player.
      You can choose to not be on it if you don’t want to, then you would avoid that storyline.
      Martin is still important to the story even if you are not on his path, and can just be a friend and nothing more, and he will treat D the same way.
      So have a think about your choices more carefully in this case. 🙂


    2. Hey V&M,
      There’s a lot of presumptuousness in your post mate.
      At no point in the three and a half years of making DMD have we said that NTR will feature in the game. Just because it seems like a specific theme may feature, doesn’t mean that it will feature.

      Being attracted to someone else doesn’t mean you don’t love the person that you are with, nor would you leave them for someone else.
      F was telling the truth when he told D that he would always be there for her, and nothing has changed there. And if you’re on another one of the girl’s paths and have done something sexual with them, then it would hypocritical of the player to take issue with D being attracted to someone of the opposite sex, right?

      And as for the money side of things, that’s an incidental thing that comes with making these games. We don’t dictate who pays us, that’s solely up to the supporters – it’s their choice.
      We make these games and each update because we genuinely enjoy making them, as do the majority of people that support us.
      We make them without excuses, they are ALWAYS delivered on time, without delay.
      We’re not the kind of developers to take 3,4,6, up to 12 months to string our supporters along and not release an update. Yet there are other devs that do this and still take people’s money.
      That’s what an actual mercenary does. And we’re far from that.

      The bottom line is we work very hard at what we do, we work on our games every single day of the week and we’re always trying to get better at making these games. We’re always online and we always make ourselves available to our supporters.




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