Details about today’s release of DMD

Hello to all my loyal followers, and also to my new fans that have recently joined.

We just wanted to send you a courtesy notice to let you all know that there won’t be a countdown clock posted on my Subscribestar page, as a scheduled post doesn’t work properly on this platform.
When we posted up the first release of Sunshine Love, it was meant to automatically post up the game links on the hour, once the countdown had expired, but that didn’t happen. So we had to manually post up the download links, Walkthrough, extras links etc.
It also meant that the game links were delayed by ten minutes.

We will be scheduling the post again today and we hope that this time it works but in case it doesn’t, we can tell you is that DMD v26 will be released at approximately: 8PM UTC Time
Have a great day, and we’ll check back with you in a few hours time!


2 thoughts on “Details about today’s release of DMD

  1. So sad. Mega demands money (the 5GB free download clicked the first time around so now I have exceeded free limit on the second attempt). I refuse to pay money to download something that I don’t want in order to download something I’ve already paid money for.
    And Google is as usually overloaded 😦 I wish it was an easier way. I’m not very patient.


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