The Woman In Red

Be careful of what you want, because you just might get it…

Hello to all our very loyal supporters.

We’re just over two weeks away from releasing the third update of our newest game “Sunshine Love”, and we’re making good progress.

For our fourth week of previews, we are teasing you all with some renders of your sis in a very alluring red dress.

Is she wearing it for a special occasion? Is she going on a date? Is it a date with you perhaps?

Find out exactly why she is “The Woman in Red” in this forthcoming update, when Sunshine Love v.3 is released on Saturday, August 29th.

We will have one last week of previews to share with you from v0.0.3, which will be posted up next week!

Enjoy your weekend guys and girls, and as always, please look after yourselves.


2 thoughts on “The Woman In Red

    1. It’s up now, we’ve just been flat out with trying to get this new update ready for Saturday, that we couldn’t get the new preview posted until today.


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