Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car

Hello to all our loyal supporters!

We sincerely hope that you’ve had a great week and you are taking very good care of yourselves during what has been a difficult year for everyone.

So this is the last preview for the next update of “Sunshine Love” v3, which will be released NEXT Saturday, August 29th.

Today we are sharing a preview from what appears to be a night out with the sexy Victoria.

But what are the circumstances that have led to this night out with the highly experienced chef?

Is it an evening between friends, work colleagues, or will either of you consider it to be an actual “date”?

For $10+ tier members, don’t forget that we’ll be adding a stack of new special renders as part of our “Doughnut Gallery”.

The next update will also contain some more sexy images that our resident character “Peeping Tom” will be more than happy to share with you as well!

Let us know your thoughts and predictions on today’s preview of Victoria in the comments section below.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys (and girls!), we’ll be in touch again very soon.


Full image of Victoria here.

5 thoughts on “Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car

  1. Can i give you some constructive criticism? on the latest update of SL….
    The dialogue is a little bit long winded (mostly the characters thoughts)
    also if it’s gonna be a slow burn you should try and build up the anticipation a bit more especially with the main girl.
    Maybe add some seedy/pervy choices…..i dunno, the game seems a little bit vanilla at the moment…..maybe it’s just me but i was dozing off while playing, too much dialogue about fixing up the hotel….should be more concise.
    The game is brilliant still and i’m gonna play it either way those are just my thoughts….cheer’s.


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