Sunshine Love v0.03 Now Available!

Good morning/evening again to all of my loyal supporters.

So here we are again, back with the third update of our newest visual novel Sunshine Love v3!

If you are a member of my Subscribestar or Patreon pages, you can access all the download links (Game + Extras, Walkthrough’s) here:

Production has already begun for the next release of DMD. It will be the last update of Chapter 3 with a revision of Chapters 2 and 3 taking place in late-November and into December.

The start of Chapter 4 will be released in early-2021.

We will be taking a bit longer to work on the next update, more so than usual, as it’s obviously the most important release that we’ll have to create in a long, long while.

We’ll have more details on that and a preview sometime within the next week.

All the best, stay safe, and we hope you thoroughly enjoy the continuation of our third visual novel, “Sunshine Love”!

Have a great day everyone,

7 thoughts on “Sunshine Love v0.03 Now Available!

    1. We’re hoping to create one more update before the end of the year.
      We’ll have more details for you all on this, closer to when the next update of DMD is released.


  1. My feedback on SL is that the music does not fit the mood in my opinion.
    Personally I listen to
    the relaxing background music is a perfect fit. Even creepier it seems to know when what needs to be turned on.
    I was the function of Ivy and Lily and the piano of 1:23:00 came on. It fitted so perfectly with the scene.

    rest of the game is awesome sauce. Keep up the great work

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  2. I am very sorry for the changed story. In the beginning I had a feeling that the plot would not be simple and something new something interesting may come. But now all these are gone only regret and guilty left. (Personal I am against fans demanding devs, especially when devs know exactly what they are doing)
    I really hope Sunshine Love can proceed as planned but it only exist in dreams now.
    Again, sorry for the change and sorry for expressing my sadness

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  3. DMD is my fav about the charaters, Elena she’s the best and D so adorable. But Sunshine Love as a potentiel, i’m a big fan of the story and the psychologie of the character. Melody was good but i dont’ like the music style….the subject. but the game was very taking.


  4. I want to support you and haven’t got a credit card. Is there a way to also get the bonus for DMD on Patreon?


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