DMD v.28 – “Girls on the Beach”

Hello again to all of my supporters. I hope you’ve had a great week so far and looking after yourselves. 

Today we are sharing with you another preview from our upcoming release: DMD v.28. There’s a total of 8 pictures that you can see by subscribing to our SubscribeStar page here:

As you can see from the images below, D is posing for photographers while also having an impromptu game of volleyball with the other girls from the modelling competition. Full-sized image here

But will it be a friendly contest, or could it turn into a game of oneupmanship, when so much is riding on this weekend’s final results? 

Find out what will happen during this scene and for the rest of the weekend, when DMD v.28 is released. 

No official release date has been set for the last two days of Chapter 3, however, we can tell you that we have made steady progress and the first day of the next update will be completed within the next week or so.

Many pathways will feature, several options will become available, so make sure to have your relationship settings all set up for when you finally resume playing the game, starting with Day 41. 

I will be in touch again with you all next week, with even more previews pics from v.28.

Have a great day, and thank you very much for your support! 


17 thoughts on “DMD v.28 – “Girls on the Beach”

  1. ‘Many pathways will feature, several options will become available, so make sure to have your relationship settings all set up for when you finally resume playing the game, starting with Day 41. ‘

    Ah i brace myself for another update with only 2 Daughter Route scences out of 10 possible Route scences. Man this game is called dating my Daughter and NOT Dating Elena, Dating Jennifer or Dating Martin. Who would have thought that one of the greatest porn games would turn into a swing and cuck fiesta.

    DmD turns increasingly into the tv show Dexter, where the directors didn’t know when to stop either.


    1. I’ve been thinking of several different ways for how to answer your feedback/comment.
      So here it goes.

      There have been several times during the making of DMD that we’ve contemplated stopping.
      But there’s been numerous reasons over the past four years why we haven’t done so.

      When Mrdots released his first-ever version of the game, he only saw himself doing five or six updates.
      But DMD became so big so fast, that more updates were required. And when he started to add more characters, the fanbase that he had at the time (around 1,000 members) started to wonder if it would be possible to date these other characters. So he did this.
      In other words, a potential “cuck fiesta” or “swing scenes” has been in place as a possibility for a very long time.
      However, whatever path you decide to take, you’re more than likely going to end up with D by games end.

      One chapter of the game was never going to be enough. The bigger the fanbase grew, the more ideas started to come to mind.

      Could we have done a D-only path without the ability to date anyone else? Yeah, we could have.
      But when the number of followers grows to as many as Mrdots now has (over 5,000), you’re going to get several ideas and possibilities, not to mention a hell of a lot more suggestions.
      It’s not easy to try and accommodate these ideas for every supporter. But that’s what we’re trying to do.
      The comments we’ve had just for these previews pics on the Subscribestar page, and even in this comments thread show a variety of what followers of this game want or are hoping for (you can see that for yourself).

      90% of the game so far has been focused on the D/F relationship, and to balance that path with the other pathways and possible relationships, ones that a fair percentage of the supporters would like to see us continue to develop, is no easy task.

      Believe you me, we don’t want the game to end like Dexter, lol.
      I understand your frustrations, but the reality is that games like ours with the following that we have, everybody is always going to want different things. There’s no possible way to keep everybody happy when you have a game that is as popular as DMD has become. We never expected any of this.
      Most devs would have quit on this game if they’d been through what we have – having it taken down from Patreon was a stressful time for everyone involved.
      But we don’t believe in quitting, we just believe in continually working hard at what we do and hopefully getting better with time and further experience.

      Mrdots has said to me a number of times that DMD could’ve been finished by now, had Patreon not decided to change the rules which meant we had to take the game down. I believe that too.
      However, the silver lining is that Melody was created because of that interruption, a game that we never planned on making or had ideas for.

      The last thing we have ever wanted to do is to give DMD a rushed ending, which is why we couldn’t end the game in this third chapter – there’s too much story left for us to tell (which has already been mapped out).
      We want to leave no stone unturned, no loose ends with our storylines, and to give people a reason to play the game from the start again and to take different paths once it’s completed.

      The best thing I can ask of you is to judge us on the game as a whole, once it’s completed, rather than while it’s still in progress.

      Thanks for your comment. Like we always say, positive or negative criticism, we appreciate both, as long as the negative feedback is constructive. 😀

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      1. I agree with you that a lot of people have a variety of fetishes, but in the end the developers decide which fetishes they want to include and fit the game.

        In my opinion you include fetishes that neither fit the game nor, even more importantly, the characters (e.g. sharing dee with other dudes… i mean seriously is that really what the dad and dee from season 1 would have wanted?!). Maybe you should have used these themes in non-canon short stories (if you absolutely want to please everyone).

        This is the offical description of the game:
        ‘You’ll assume the role of a divorced father who hasn’t seen his daughter in years. Now that she’s 18 years old, she contacts you and says that she would like to have a “father-daughter” date with you. You’ll have the chance to get to know your daughter better, build a special relationship and why not, maybe convince her to have more “father-daughter” dates with you in the future 😉’

        I feel this theme/target was increasingly lost after season 2 and the game feels more like a fandom game, where you try to please everyone… .

        And this is the sad part, DmD strong points were never the visuals or the sex scenes, it was the story and the focus on the relationship between dee and f.

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      2. I have to agree with emma here, but i would rather compare dmd with game of thrones.

        Dmd season 1 was like got season 1-4 innovative (probably the first incest game that got me hooked) ,well balanced, believable characters and a good story.

        Dmd season 2 was like got season 5, still good has but has some weaknesses here and there.

        Dmd season 3 is like got season 6-, character traits and actions not really believable anymore. Too many routes hinder each other. Developers listen too much to different fandom groups (cuckhold/swinging in a romance dating vn…. really? Sometimes its better to not include every supporter request. I mean what is next, futanari, transformation, bimbo?).

        At this point i just want a half decent ending and be done with dmd.
        I dont want to be to harsh, sometimes it is better to close a chapter and move on.
        On that note, Summertime Love is great so far and im proud to support it on patreon 😉

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      3. @Emma & Malibu………Good job Mr Dots isn’t just making this game for you then, if you don’t like where its going stop playing it….it’s not rocket science, the Father Daughter route is played out, put a fork in it its done…now on to other routes and fantasies


      4. @Raider Constructive
        1. Feedback should always be allowed.
        2. They never claimed the game is made specially for them.

        I think the feedback from emma and malibu seems to hit the nail, when people like @Raider think “the Father Daughter route is played out, put a fork in it its done”.


      5. @raider + @leggo

        To be honest with you, I’d much prefer supporters telling us what they think we’re doing wrong than not getting that kind of feedback at all. And that’s mainly because we’re still relatively new at this.
        Good or bad (constructive) criticism, it’s all good to us.
        Despite the success we’ve had, we’re far from being experts at making these kinds of games, and getting better at what we do is a daily challenge.

        Once this last update of Ch3 is out, myself, MrDots, and Jeff will have a couple of months to have a good think about what we should include for Ch4, where more focus should be placed, and all the feedback that you guys give us will be taken into consideration.

        We haven’t offered ourselves any kind of proper break in between each update of DMD and SL (and Melody before it) for the past 18 months. We haven’t had more than three days off since January 2019. But that’s something we have chosen to do – COVID happening this year is also another reason why we kept working – there were plans to take a month off in May/June, but it’s kind of pointless when you can’t travel most place.

        If we’d time off, then we perhaps could’ve planned things out a little better, but that’s why our revision months are in place – to fix things we’re not happy with or that we didn’t get right the first time.

        Yes, ultimately they are our games, and we decide what content goes into each update/game, but that’s not a reason to neglect or ignore fan suggestions either.

        We still get people who want Melody to have a continuation (or a second chapter), so I can only imagine what people are going to request when DMD is finally completed 😀


    1. The sharing path was only part of the overall criticism.

      I think the quality in storytelling dropped in season 3 because of so many paths (that in my opinion) dont fit the characters. The story quality and credibility should always come first, then fandom requests….

      There are people who are into futanari or transsexual stuff, then there are people who are into dom or sub themes. Everything is fine, im not here to shame personal tastes.

      BUT if the overall game (design) changes and the quality drops, because some people desperately need there fetish in a game, which i feel like was never intended for it, then I have a problem with that.
      In addition, the sharing path seems to be making up more and more content of the new updates…

      I like emma’s idea, where more weird/controversial fetishes are added as non-canon short stories, if there is demand.


  2. This is the game that has everything. People criticise it, saying they don’t like the cuck route, while it’s mostly down to your choices in the game. If you don’t like that route then don’t choose for it to go that way. I’ve played different routes, they are there, even the puppy route. Every one has different fetishes, likes, dislikes, criticising the devs who are working hard to cater for everyone, is a bit harsh when they’re just trying to please everyone. Someone posted the description of the game, explaining ‘sharing’ isn’t in the game, maybe you should have looked at the tags instead? I know sharing/cuck, or similar was there, Hell, it originally had bestiality tagged to, and i’m honestly looking forward to playing all routes. It’s a love story, but it’s also about just giving in to those ‘forbidden desires’, it’s not for everyone, but then again, it’s down to the path you choose.

    Keep up the good work, i’m just gutted it’ll be next year til Chapter 4 lol and hoping D is either shared, or gets taken advantage of by Martin, or a few others, and at least one four legged encounter 🙂

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  3. @malibu “cuckhold/swinging in a romance dating vn”
    What’s wrong with that? you did not see any good vn of swing cuck dating relationship? or maybe you ar the hater of this genre and you just don’t care.

    As for devs of this game, Don’t let people censored you imagination it’s your game do what ever think is best for that always will be the haters you can’t kill all.

    If you want to add cuck, swing route do it, in the end if you let player decide if he want that route to go or not is hes choice, in the contrary you will make this game more complex with many routes that player can choose and not stuck only in 1 route example daughter-father love route.

    My personal opinion I will play all the routes of characters when it will finish it this game, special if you put cuck or swing route to it would be interesting point of view to see. I think it will make action more interesting if you put some drama…

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  4. From my point of view, DMD is about the relationship between father and daughter, so most of the game story should be told in details when it is related to events involving the two main characters. Side stories with the involvement of other characters can be addressed in a more superficial way in a couple of updates.

    The core of the game is this special father/daughter relationship, it is not harem building, it is not cuckoldry, it is not swinging. These elements should be presented briefly if at all. Those who want these elements presented in details and often should look for a game where they are the main core of the game.

    There is still a lot to happen between dad and daughter, lots of fun dates to happen. It would be a pity to lose all the possibilities involving the main characters, because time and effort had to be spent on side stories which were never the central appeal of the game.

    I understand developers compromising and adding more scenes for a character or fetish in order to please a group of supporters, but I believe the main story should not suffer with that. So, here’s a suggestion, add a Chapter 5, give side stories a decent end in Chapter-4, and dedicate Chapter-5 to fully develop the main story, without detours, until its end.

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