MrDots BABES – Issues 1-3 (created by Pat)

Hi there everyone.

One of our most fanatical supporters, “Pat”, has created several renders featuring girls from our three visual novels to date. He has also created 3D erotic art and stories, with other girls who are his own creations (mainly futa).

In August of this year, Pat was kind enough to create some magazine issues that feature all of your favourite characters – Dee, Melody, Elena, Sophia, Jennifer, plus many more!
There are also some images taken from our most recent game, “Sunshine Love” in these issues.

MRDOTS BABES” magazine is now available for you to download. We’ve also added some previews from each issue.

Download Issue 1

Download Issue 2

Download Issue 3

Download Issue 4 (LATEST ISSUE!)

Please visit and support Pat at the website links below:

Official Site :

Patreon :

Subscribestar :

Affect3d : (Warning: Contains futa content)

Follow Pat :

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