DMD v.28 “The Butterfly Effect”

Good afternoon/evening to all my followers. 

We are sharing with you today our third week of preview pics from our next release: DMD v.28. 

You can see the full set here:

Despite your daughter’s heavy involvement in the weekend modelling competition, you two will find time to be with each other, alone, and away from prying eyes. 

What you end up doing during these intimate times with the apple of your eye is completely up to you. 😉 

But what if someone sees you both and they find out that you’re more than just father and daughter? What is the significance of the butterflies surrounding you both? 

And the big question: How will Chapter 3 end? 

Find out when DMD v.28 is released very soon! 
Full-sized image here

We haven’t had much rest since we started working on this last update, as we want to conclude Chapter 3 to the best of our ability. We’ve spent a lot more time on scenes than usual, mainly because we want to make v.28 the best one of Chapter 3. 

This month marks four years since I first started working on DMD, my very first game. If you had have told me that I’d still be working on it now, and have the passionate and loyal following that DMD and my other two games have accumulated over this time, I wouldn’t have believed you. 

I never intended DMD to last this long when I first began. We’ve had some obstacles in the past as most of you already know, and our plans have changed several times during those four years – some of those changes that we made were due to things that were out of our control.

But it’s due to your love and continued interest in this story that we keep making updates. 
However, it will all have to come to an end one day, we realize that. 

We want to keep making these kinds of games for as long as people are interested in playing them. 

On top of that, we will keep learning, we will always look to improve in the areas that we know requires more work, time, and care. 

Have a great weekend everyone, and again, a huge thank you to anyone who has supported MrDotsGames (on any platform) over the past four years. None of this is possible without you, the fans. 


8 thoughts on “DMD v.28 “The Butterfly Effect”

  1. I beg you don’t rush the ending….this is one of the few VN’S i look forward to being updated, i beg you keep it going as long as you can MrDots….get new writers in for fresh ideas if you got writers block or whatever, you still got all the sharing stuff to do yet.

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  2. Really hope F is going to nut all over D in this park and get her to do a public cum walk with her tits exposed! 😊

    End of Chap 3? Fingers crossed for D finding out she’s pregnant with F’s baby! 🤞😍


  3. The game is really shifting away from being a romance visual novel to cuckold and sharing sex simulator. Whatever happened to the writers of chapter 1 and 2? Please bring them back 💕

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  4. Fans won’t complain if DMD has a chapter 5! Don’t rush things and give us as much “D” as you can. The more father/D dates the better! After all the game is DMD!

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  5. I get it though, the game is DMD and it’s only so much content one can give. Some people may not want MC & Elena scenes or Martin & D so i’m happy with whatever content is given.

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  6. Anything new on Sunshine Love?

    As for DmD, i feel like people getting tired of it (patreon numbers are going down again). The main arc and the character development (from daughter to lover) were really good. But now i feel like the story gets stretched out and characters watered down to include as many supporter requests as possible (?).
    In my opinion the story should have ended when they moved to the seaside.


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