DMD v.28 – Night Moves

Good afternoon/evening to all my followers. 

For this week of preview pic, we have decided to share with you a render of one of DMD’s much-loved characters from the very start of the game – Georgina! 

More renders are available on our SubscribeStar page here:

These renders will feature in our upcoming release: DMD Version 28. 

Now that the cat is out of the bag and your former secretary knows about you and your daughter’s relationship, you can use the time away from “Dee” to have some fun with the lovely Georgina. 

But what exactly will you two get up to while your daughter dear is away at the modelling competition? 

And how do you find yourself down at the beach, fooling around with the statuesque blonde, very late at night? 

Find out when DMD v28 is released very soon! 

We’ve been working really hard on this update, but we can’t give you any release date yet 😦 We are confident that we can deliver it early next month. We’ll keep you posted.

Have a great weekend everyone and a huge thanks to all of you for sticking with us through what has been a tough year for most people, ourselves included. 

We couldn’t have got to this point without you. 

Take care, I’ll be in touch again with you all next week.


10 thoughts on “DMD v.28 – Night Moves

    1. Not just me then lol. Though at this point, i’m inclined to say it’s not going to be until the next chapter, if at all. It’s been a long long wait with only small a ‘teaser’. I just hope if it does happen, it involves D and not one of the other girls, at least to begin with. But i’m starting to think that element is being removed from the game. (love the game regardless 🙂 been a fan and playing since the start)


  1. I think it’s great D has no idea the MC is sleeping with her friends and that MC doesn’t have any idea D has been getting close with Martin his own friend

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