DMD v.28 – Official Release Date! + Other News

Happy October to you all! 

We’re at the business end of the year, and not only do we have a new preview to show you from our forthcoming release, but we are also happy to unveil the release date for DMD v28!

In the preview, you’ll see D in yet another brand-new setting. But how did she get here? Whose room is it? And when does this scene take place during the final two days of Chapter 3?

You can see the rest of the previews here:

Not everything is as it seems when the final part of the third chapter of DMD is released, which will be on Saturday, October 17th!

We’d like to thank everyone for their patience, having to wait for this update, to be available for you to download and play. 

The final scripts are almost finished, but there is still a lot of rendering to be done, as well as beta testing and adding in the animations. 

We’re very confident v28 will be released on the date mentioned above. We didn’t want to confirm a release date until we were absolutely sure it was ready to be announced. 

About Sunshine Love

Once DMD v.28 is out, then we will continue working on the next update of Sunshine Love. That’s right, we will have one more update of Sunshine Love for you all before the end of the year! 

There will be some new previews posted up on here in late-October. We’re aiming for a late-November release.

Android version fixed and Save Files updated.

I have updated the save files for Version 3 and also fixed the Android version of the game – there was a bug that previously didn’t allow you to see Week 2 of the Peeping Tom gallery. Thanks to our fans for reporting that bug. 

That’s it for now. We’ll have our last set of DMD v.28 previews posted up for you all next week.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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21 thoughts on “DMD v.28 – Official Release Date! + Other News

  1. Finally arrived DMD version 28 I am really so happy I can’t wait for 17th October I’m always happy Sunshine love for working for updates thank you so much MrDot and your heart touching lovely games we really proud you MrDot …..& I am from in India 🇮🇳 I’m really big fan of your tree games😊

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  2. Looking forward to this one ! Thanks for your hard work, I’m curious if D and Martin will get together, whatever you do it will be great !

    So, you wrote about re doing chapter 2, is it worth it to play that whole chapter again after the release ?

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  3. Woohooo… Can’t wait for 17th October…and also Sunshine Love update by end of this year.
    I must thank you guys for your tremendous work and always sticking to your commitment to us users. Really one of the best developer team ever. Keep up to awesome work guys!

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    1. Unlike some other devs, we believe in hard work and we really don’t like letting anybody down.
      We’ve been pretty consistent with our updates across the three games we’ve produced thus far,
      and if you pledge to us, you’ll regularly be informed, and be given true value for your money.

      We want to do this (making VN’s) for as long as possible, not just for ourselves, but for you guys too.

      Thanks for your support and feedback, it’s very much appreciated.

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    2. The more days pass to wait for the day d. The bigger my dick gets and gets ready to receive the gift


  4. That swinger couple should get more scene’s….and D’s mom should be optional for the MC lol
    So the MC and D go swinging and D and Martin needs to be done.
    Also wouldn’t mind seeing that crazy guy again from early in the game that attacked D…maybe we could kick his ass again or let him have his way with D as another option.
    And maybe share or swing with the other girls too not just D.
    There’s loads more to do with this game….at least 3 more chapters actually make it 5 more chapters lol.

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    1. I hate how internet purists always blow their top when someone mentions a sharing path or D having sex with someone else… Just let that be optional, and everyone would be happy. I wanna see D be more adventurous with other people too, just hoping I won’t have to wait for people’s brains to stop being so smooth, so Mr Dots can add in all the fun stuff he’s been planning since the beginning.
      Also hell no, fuck Lucas lol, he can rot away. But maybe a swap with Graham and Olivia?

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  5. While you guys are providing updated version of chapter 2 and 3, can you’ll provide a updated version of chapter 1 as well, cuz the current version cant be played on updated androids users. Thank you.

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