DMD v.28 is Here!

A very good morning/evening to you all!

Well, here we are, the final part of the story for Dating My Daughter – Chapter 3!

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, we will be doing a full revision of this chapter during the first few weeks of December, and we are aiming to release a FINAL version of Chapter 3 just before Christmas.

It’s been a long but satisfying ride that has taken us to this point in our game-creating careers, and we thank you all for your patience with what is arguably our biggest ever release to date, in terms of content, lines of code, the number of renders used.

There’s been several times where we’ve wanted to end this game sooner, and even when we tried to make Chapter 3 the last one, we found that we still had too much story left to tell.

We don’t want to finish this game where we’re left asking ourselves that “we still could have added so much more”.

During the first year of making DMD (2016/17), we already had specific goals, fetishes to cover, and character combinations/paths that we wanted to see eventuate at some point in the game.

A lot of those initial plans have finally been worked on this year, and we will continue to do so right up until the conclusion of the story.

With Chapter 4, we intend to put a lot more emphasis on the father-daughter relationship, and where the two of them could potentially end up in the future.

There have been numerous endings mapped out to hopefully satisfy every kind of fan of our game.

About this update

The start of the prestigious “Seaside Modelling Competition” that your daughter has been entered into has finally arrived!

My team and I have had numerous talks about this particular update all year, and we’ve done everything we can to make it as perfect as possible.

The last thing we wanted was to create a “half-baked” competition, and the other focus was to give it a realistic feel.

There have been a lot of messages from you guys (and girls) about what you’re hoping to see in this final part of the story for Chapter 3.

Not all of the scenes that we had mapped out for these final two days of Chapter 3 have been added into this update, due to time constraints.

But that’s what our revision month is for! We have around thirteen extra sex scenes still to be added into this Chapter.

So don’t panic if a combination or a specific scene you were hoping would feature in this update doesn’t happen.

It could very well be included within the December update. 😉

We have however left some clues in this release to give you a fair idea of what these scenes could feature in the December update.

Some paths will come to an end in this Chapter, characters will say their final goodbyes and some will become very important in Chapter 4, our final chapter of the game.

There may even be the odd character or two that will return 😉

We don’t really want to give too much away, so it’s probably best that you all play the update and then leave your feedback in the comments section below.

We’ve also dropped in several TV and film references into this update. See if you can figure all of them out 😉

For those of you who are interested to find out what eventuates with Ryan (plus you and D), we have added a “Ryan/F sharing” path into the Relationships Menu.

It should appear in the menu as soon as you start Day 41. In case it doesn’t, it’s best to play a save from the evening of Day 40 through until when Day 41 begins.

We created this new option to avoid any confusion with the Margo/D path, a path that Ryan was originally attached to.

NOTE: If you went to the “Rave Cave” club with Margo and Ryan on the night of Day 39, then the “Ryan/F sharing” path will automatically be set to YES when Day 41 begins.

If you didn’t, then it will be set to NO. You can manually change this in the Relationships Menu if you need to.

And if you didn’t happen to notice this during the last update, a “Cassandra” path was also added to the Relationships Menu, to make it easier for you to view her scenes with D or to avoid them altogether (just like with every other possible combination in the game!)

How and Where to Support Us

DMD is only officially available through our Subscribestar (SS) page.

So far we have over 1900 people subscribed to our SS page, so thanks a bunch to those of you that have already signed up and are supporting us.

These generous pledges will help us to keep DMD and Sunshine Love going, and any games we plan to develop in the future. So it’s very much appreciated guys!

For more information and how to sign up, please visit:

Final Words

So that’s it! DMD – Version 0.28 is all yours to download and play!

To every single person who has previously or is currently pledging to us, thank you so much for your support. We make these games for you as much as we do for ourselves.

For those of you who are following or interested in our third visual novel Sunshine Love, we will have a brand-new preview from our fourth release of the game,

which we’re hoping to release by the end of November. We will post up an official release date within the next week or two.

Remember, if you wish to subscribe to the production and future releases of DMD, please do so ONLY through:

For our new game Sunshine Love, you can pledge to my Subscribestar or my Patreon page at:

If you are a +$5 supporter on my Subscribestar page, then download links for this game are already available to you on the home page.

Please do not donate through any other links aside from these two above, as any other links or websites promoting our two games are not official links.

If you would like to join the Unofficial MrDotsFan channel, the invitation link is:

Feel free to share this link with anyone who you think would like to join the great community they have at “(It’s A Heart) MrDotsFans – Unofficial Fan Page”.

IMPORTANT: If you do decide to join, please make sure to read the rules in the “info-and-rules” section before you commence posting in other channels.

Two members of my team (HearszAM and Jeff Steel) are on this channel as well, so the Discord is another way you can reach me through them. 

We won’t allow anyone to stop what we’re trying to achieve, which is to continually create high-quality content for our games, and any visual novels that we intend to produce in the future. 

As always you can leave your thoughts, feedback, errors/bugs found and any constructive criticism on today’s update in the comments section below.

We always strive to do our best and to give our fans a satisfying hour (or so) of entertainment with each release for all of our games.

Thank you for your continued support because, without it, our games would not exist.


27 thoughts on “DMD v.28 is Here!

  1. finally sir thank you so much for DMD version 28 release today i a’m really soo happy mrDots sir continue and more games but little bit unhappy for final version this game I am happy for chapter 4 please Sar continue for this game please not and is not and please some more work for dis chapter for DMD and i am really appreciate your team and your hard work sir💖

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  2. Thank you!
    Could the releases be done in UTC time?
    Everytime you say it releases on a Saturday, but for us europeans it will be a Sunday.
    Leaving us with less weekend to play through it.

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    1. We’ll see what we can do.
      I’m on the Eastern side of Australia and usually, our updates aren’t released until 5 or 6 am on a Sunday morning!
      So I sometimes I wake up to a lot of messages that need to be relayed to Mrdots!!


  3. There’s a glitch where it acts liked you and D kissed during the walk after the bikini event, even if you choose not to, resulting in her losing the competition.


    1. Yep, that’s a bug in the game mate – mentioned by a few other members.
      If you choose not to Kiss D, then she’s supposed to kiss you instead.

      MrDots will re-upload the game in a day or two with that part fixed.

      He likes to wait 2-3 days after a release to go through all the bugs/errors you guys list or that we find or told about, before re-uploading the game, which takes a few hours.

      Thanks for letting us know 😀


  4. Dear ”mrdots team”
    You are one of my favorite game producers.But until I saw how broken this game is.Normally you value story and character development.Part 1 and Part 2 of this game were telling us this very well, even though they have flaws.It wouldn’t be a lie if I said that part 3 has officially turned into another game.Let’s look at the character you set up in the game;
    D..;A romantic girl,Someone who loves pets,Someone who dreams of romantic marriage and someone emotional.
    F..;Someone who hasn’t been with anyone for a long time,For a long time even ”Georgina” did not notice,Someone who is not open to emotional relationships.
    This was a very good start to character development of the game.That was the best point I loved about this game.The fact that this game is sexually content does not mean that we will do all kinds of things, or that the game is used as a fantasy tool, this applies to everyone.It’s in the story and character development that make a game beautiful.The profile I wrote above is the story you tell.but it doesn’t fit the profile at all.She will of course be worried about his future. After all, his goal is to have a happy and romantic marriage.I found it weird that even ”Olivia” got close to the F.Why would someone who doesn’t trust anyone but his F.. get close to a stranger?.A side story could be written for her.
    Let’s see D.. again. A girl who even wants teddy bear and Koko even on Cupid Night.Margo,Ryan and Martin these people have nothing to do with the story and are they going to have group s..? Seriously? absolutely nonsense.Even with options, these people see how distorted the story is. Even if it’s between D and F, it would be great to put more weight on the story rather than add unnecessary sexuality.Unfortunately, with the 3rd part of this game, you hit the last nail in the game. It could have been a perfect 3-part finale.Melody was a nice game.”Sunshine Love” I would understand if there was a variety in this game. After all, there is an agreement in the story of the game. It made sense.People like me who value story and character development agree with me.Unfortunately, this game is no different from other games.The fact that the game is sexual does not mean that we can do anything. The more liked your artwork, the more valuable it will be. Or it may be in a blank table that prints money.I hope ”mrdots team” won’t judge me on this issue. I remind you of what they have done from the very beginning. The thought of making the perfect game.

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    1. The thought of perfect game is different in every other users. That is the reason why developers gives the option to be in exclusive D path. So why do you want to be so selfish, let other users (who like sharing) enjoy the game as well.


      1. Dear ”Joey” There is not the slightest selfishness in my review.What I care about is the story and character development of a game.There is an introduction, development, and result in a game.The profiles and characters you set up at first are important in the story.No matter how much you think about the profiles and story lines of the characters in this game, it does not go on this road.I’ve played great games. There are thousands of subscribers to these games, and nobody says add this, only the character and profile that the producer has written since the first update fits what it is.This is true for all of us. Not for self-satisfaction. We want to achieve perfection in the story. I even saw a game without any sexuality. It was great.There is a profile drawn by the producer. She has beautiful characters. There is no need to spoil it. Even though Elena is outspoken. Even the girl has feelings. Do you think she makes fun of guys for fun. She does it because she is alone. She is waiting for love and attention.You call me selfish, but you’re also game is broken because of your unnecessary entertainment fantasy.You are neither right nor me about this game.What is right is the character profile and story of this game written from the very beginning.

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    2. ? No one stays young for ever. D was cute, sweet and innocent at the start. But after a sexual awakening, she has an abundance of feelings to control and explore, that my friend, is the story. Whether you choose those temptations are completely up to you.
      We’ve had the romance, in Chapter 1 & 2, you got the story you wanted and is somewhat carried on in Chapter 3, however, i’m sensing 3 & 4 is more of the sharing paths to satisfy the other game players. You’ve had your journey, let others enjoy theirs and yet, you can still choose to remain faithful and see the romance through. That said, F isn’t exactly faithful, he has a wondering eye, it would be selfish of him to not let D be as wild as he.

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    3. To Sword. I don’t know if you just discovery the game recently. DMD was planned years ago. Here a list from the time this game was on patreon.
      Incest F/D
      Mini games

      I don’t know for the last one on the list. But understand after years of devellopement it’s completly normal for supporters to expect a sharing path ! It Was a thing from the begin since 2016 i guest.
      And if you don’t know Mr.dots look likes someone who keep is promise and you can enjoy it otherwise you could not even comment on this blog because the game could have ended at the time or patreon had banned it.

      So just enjoy 🙂 !

      A big thx for all the team of DMD for this incredible adventure !


      1. ”Badwolf and Saul Goldman”.Thanks for your information and comments.Have fun in the game.I don’t care about the sexual content in this game. I’m interested in the story and character development.The story and character profile made in the game sounds very different from the last episode 3.The longer a game gets, the more its quality drops.As I mentioned in the comment.It is clear that the story and the character are dispersed. The last update doesn’t even explain what the game is telling us exactly.I’ve been playing this game for a long time. I think this game has given me a final now.I’ll take care of the ”Sunshine love” game now.I congratulate the producers for their work.
        To ”Saul Goldman”
        ”Bestiality”? You must be kidding me.🙂Gross to even think.

        Have fun everybody.

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  5. Loved this update, but was kind of left hanging & blue balled on a lot of scenarios. There was an opportunity for Martin & D to indulge in their passions at the after party, Hugh getting extra handsy with D drunkenly enjoying it and the drink with Cassandra could have lasted longer, that was unexpected and hot lol. I hope some of these, if only the Cass scene ^.- are a couple of area’s ‘revisited’ when you add the final twists to the revised final update.

    That said, I like where it’s heading. We’ve had the romance, there is a happy ending insight, but a little corruption along the way never hurt anyone 🙂 and some of us welcome the pup at long last XD


    1. I said this to another fan who asked about the Martin/D path (would there be more content here), and I replied to him by asking,
      to think of v28 (or Days 41/42) as a release that is in two parts:
      – this weekend’s release is Part 1, and Part 2 will be some of the work will we be doing during the December revision.

      If you read the game day post (up top), it’s mentioned that there are at present, an extra 13 sex scenes to be added, so you can use your imagination there 😉

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      1. Thanks for the update. I misread the post XD I thought it said 13 sex scenes added, though I knew some scenes are still to come, but 13? that’ll be a nice Christmas 😉
        I just thought i’d throw in my preference but i’m happy to be surprised.
        Martin/Cass having their way with D while F is absent, though I appreciate i’ll probably will have to use my imagination for that ha.

        One of the few games I enjoy, look forward to and subscribe to. Keep up the good work but don’t forget to have some chill time and stay safe 🙂

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    2. I totally agree with this comment. There were so many opportunities in this update that D could be more wild. You could have provide option to bring D her wild side and even let F to see D having fun with Martin or Ryan or both. 😉

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  6. Sorry lost the email with the link from a long time ago when I purchased through the humble bundle system a long time ago.



  7. Hello Mr. Dots team.
    As you must be made aware by multiple users ab.out some of the glitches in this update, so will you be releasing a new update to this version?


    1. We should have an update for v28 by tomorrow with all the listed errors to be fixed.
      It was meant to be posted today, but we encountered a few other issues.


    1. As far as I can tell, you can’t. That part of the story seems set. Whether this will change in the final Christmas update though remains to be seen. I doubt it though, as it helps the story move on, the possibilities of D having to swallow her pride (or something else) and accept some…’shady’ offers to continue her modelling career.

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  8. Good v.28. But I’m wishing for a remake of chapter 1. With more secret interaction with D and F. More animations and sexy situations, like groping and touching (especially in the beginning first 10 days) And more animations 🙂 ❤ Thanks. Thats my xmas wish 🙂 Merry xxx!


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