DMD v0.28.1 (Links Updated)

Good morning/evening everyone,

This is a short post to let all you know that we’ve fixed some bugs and errors that you’ve reported since v.28 was released last Saturday. We’ve re-uploaded the game links that contain all of these fixes.

$ 10 members can download the game here:


– Fixed the “Don’t kiss her” option (and plot hole) on Day 41. Dee will now kiss you in this scene.

– Fixed any repeated lines in scenes that feature Georgina, Elena, and/or Jennifer.

– Fixed a few grammar errors that were brought to our attention (we were almost perfect with this!)

– On the Cassandra path, the drinks with Dee in the lobby bar scene (if Dee doesn’t throw up after the girls party) now comes up if the Georgina path is also set to YES. Previously it didn’t. 

– Extra dialogue added if Dee has drinks with Cassandra in the lobby bar.

– The porn film that Dee and Ruby watch in the hotel room has been fixed on various paths. Previously it wasn’t coming up and would skip to Ruby asleep in the hotel room.

– Walk-through has also been updated.

***SPOILER*** – Please do not read the next part if you have not played the update yet.

In case anyone is wondering: NO, it is not possible for Dee to win the modelling competition. It’s intentionally set that way so that D could see how the modeling industry really is and she decides not to be part of it. The consequences of this decision will be fully developed in Chapter 4 🙂

I’m sure there will be a few other things that we will look to change or edit before we begin working on the final version of Chapter 3, which will be released in December.

If you do find any other errors that we’ve missed, then please let us know in the comments. Thank you so much for your support and feedback everyone, not just over the past few days, but for this entire year.

Have a nice day/evening,


16 thoughts on “DMD v0.28.1 (Links Updated)

  1. Dear ”mrdots”
    Each of your games is perfect and awesome.Although my opinions and thoughts about this game are different, I must say you did an excellent job.I wish you continued success and it will be really great to see your new projects in the future.Stay healthy and safe.

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  2. I must say I’m really disappointed of the lack of sharing, I would love to see D with other than myself. I had my hopes up after Martin and the black guy teases. In my opinion you need to make it more spicy, I mean it start to get a little bit to much of the same thing over and over and over again 😦


    1. When Hugh tried to take advantage of Dee, I thought that he would accept going with him to the room to “talk” but unfortunately that did’nt happen,I really want that Mr Dots adds “fantasy scenes” like he did with Melody so we can watch all the guys who tried to fuck Dee having their ways with her


    2. @Sam – The sharing scenes that you speak of will mainly feature in the December release, and we have quite a number of them lined up.

      As per usual, “time” got the better of us to add even one of these sharing scenes for last weekend’s release. Don’t worry, we will definitely make up for that in December. 😉


      1. Just a question,will the december update be a normal update with story content or it’s going to be just a sharing update?


  3. I’d love to see Ruby make a comeback sometime in future updates/chapter 4. It will be really nice to have some fun with her, being D’s best friend during the competition. Also, her threesome scene/pic was more than hot and got me wanting for more!


  4. Please MrDots let Dee fuck other guys without F,don’t get me wrong i like threesomes but i want see just her with others like her with Martin or Ryan,even Hugh

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  5. Judging by the comments, I think it’s fair to say a few are interested in seeing Hugh get a little more…handsy at the after party XD. A slightly ‘merry’ D reluctant to accept his proposal, yet is aroused by his wandering hands. Does she stand firm or give in to her urges when Hugh leads with something other than his hand…who knows, find out in another episode of DMD, coming Christmas 2020……is it time yet? XD


  6. Hace falta que incluyas a Jennifer would like the moment to come when she has her first time, I would also like to see a moment with Cassandra, and finally I would like Dee and Rachel together to make one of my fantasies come true


  7. Please release the next version early .Where we can know the fact happened after daughter pregnant.please let the girl sex with her father not someone else.I think let them (daughter and father) doing sex in their new house which they brought by the price money.we are so excited to know that what will be happen after daughter pregnant.what daughter should do and her father should do.please informed me


  8. You need to include more moments with dad and Jeniffer, I remember that in DMD chapter 2 he had sex with her but they couldn’t, I was not ready but I would like to know if one day they will have and if there will be scenes of Dee with Jeniffer and Elena, I also want to see the development of Cassandra with the dad, I had the fantasy of seeing Dee together with dad and mom in a minimum threesome only once or also dad and Dee together with Ryan in a threesome or between them, it would be nice if we could see Dee with Martin, or with Dad, Martin and Dee in a threesome, another fantasy I have is to see that there are more scenes of Dad and Georgina or Dad and some girls from the modeling contest or some surprise still the game is great thanks for the updates I hope you surprise us soon, best regards I hope you consider something of everything I said


  9. Make a scene where we can share Dee. And we can fuck in her both hole ( pussy and ass ) with other guys like with Martin. I really disappointed when Dee not done anything with Hugh. We want sharing of Dee with other. And also we want to force Dee to sex with other. Please make scene like this.


  10. I understand that you want that we see the real face of modelling industry but i don’t understand why in chapter 2 or beginning chapter 3 ( i don’t remember exactly ) there is some dialogue who help us for winning the event … so why give us a chance at certains moment if sinds the beginning it’s impossible to win ?


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