Happy Halloween (2020)

Hi everyone,  I’d like to share this special “Halloween” render that I created for you guys to celebrate the spookiest day of the year! 

We will have a brand-new preview from the next update of SL posted up tomorrow. And don’t forget, Sunshine Love v0.0.4 will be released on November 28th!

Happy Halloween everyone and thanks again for your ongoing support. It’s highly appreciated.

Full image: https://i.ibb.co/s9VP32D/SL-halloween2020.jpg 


7 thoughts on “Happy Halloween (2020)

      1. I actually prefer the look of Kristina compared to D. Ds curves compared to her body size and the make up was too exaggerated for my taste. The shower face (the one without make up) of D looks so much better. I’m a little bit sad it is used so rarely.

        Anyway, no one beats the look of the Sister and the twins ❤


      2. @Blam –

        Yeah, I agree, that shower look is one of MrDots’ best.
        When he first created D just over four years ago, he wasn’t thinking too much about proportions or how D as a character was going to be perceived, because there was no audience at the time to give feedback. It was more about putting out his first game and seeing what happens 😉

        So with the creation of Kristina, over three years of experience making these games, and designing characters, plus using Genesis 8 designs (compared to Gen 3 for DMD), you can see the difference in quality between both models.


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