DMD v.29 – New preview pic + revised plans for Chapter 4

Hello everyone…

Our preview pic this week is of your dear daughter in bed with your good friend Martin.
Is it just another dream or sexual fantasy that one of these two is having about the other, or could it be the “real deal” this time?

Find out when DMD “Version 29”, the final update for Chapter 3 is released on Tuesday, December 22nd!
Let us know your thoughts or predictions in the comments section below.

About our plans for CH4

After reading the numerous comments from you all after our preview post last week, we have come to realize that we may have been a little hasty with revealing our plans for Chapter 4.

In hindsight, we should have waited until this final version of Chapter 3 was released, and then waited to see how the scenes that we have created were received. By doing this, it would have been easier for us to know what to post, based on your feedback.

But we didn’t do that and that was a mistake on our part. However, that doesn’t mean that our error in judgment can’t be corrected.

What’s clear for us to see, before we’ve even released this final update, is that our fan’s opinions of last week’s post was very divided.

We have a lot of our supporters who would love to see the MMF path continue into the final chapter, and they have given us some very good reasons as to why it should.

Taking a few weeks off at the end of the month and most of January will give us ample time to have a good think about how we’ll plan out each release of Chapter 4.

We want to include all the things that we’ve always wanted to put into the game (and hasn’t featured yet) and the characters and fetishes that are important to our supporters as well.

A big problem we’ve found with DMD (certainly with Chapter 3) is juggling too many characters at once.
It’s probably why we initially felt that cutting the MMF paths from Ch4 would make things much easier for us, even though these paths were initially planned to feature in the last part of the game.

There are also a few minor characters in the game that we’re looking to “kill-off”, as they’re not overly important to the endings that we have in mind.

Given the reaction to last Sunday’s post, we will be reassessing our options and how we map out each update for Ch4.
We will be keeping the MMF fetish in the game, and we will be looking at the best way we can build on what will happen in this upcoming release.

Making male characters likeable in any game is a challenge in itself, but we feel like we’ve done pretty well with the Martin, Graham, and Ryan characters.

As per usual, this path is AVOIDABLE for those of you who are not interested in viewing these kinds of scenes.
However, the D/F relationship (and relationships with the girls) will still be the main focus of the last chapter of the game (the way it should be).

All we ask is that after you’ve played this next update, please give us your feedback, and also trust that we have the best intentions for the rest of the game.

We’re hoping that having a few months between this last DMD update and the start of Chapter 4 next year will be a huge benefit to us before we begin creating this final chapter of the game.

All of you who have supported us over the past four years have believed enough in this project (our very first game) to inspire us to keep it going, even when the simplest thing we could’ve done was to abandon it.

Without DMD existing and having all of you good people support us for such a long time, then none of what we’ve been able to accomplish would have happened.

That’s all for now everyone. We’ll have a new preview pic next weekend!
Have a great day, and thank you very much for your support!