DMD Chapter 4 – Future plans & This Week’s Preview Pic

Hello to all my loyal followers from all over the world.We sincerely hope that you are all looking forward to the Christmas holiday period and also the forthcoming New Year. 

Even though we will be taking some time off at the end of the month and also the first few weeks of January, doesn’t necessarily mean that we haven’t been keeping one eye on our future plans for DMD Chapter 4 – the final chapter of our long-running debut VN. 

Concluding the game is something that has constantly been on our minds over the past few years, even despite the complications that we’ve encountered during this time. So it’s very exciting to know that we’re very close to completing it (finally!)

This game has meant everything to us. But all good things must come to an end eventually. The main thing for us is, we’ll be ending it on our terms. 

Details about Chapter 4 and plans for 2021

Without giving all of our plans away for the final chapter of DMD, what we can tell you now is that: 

– CH4’s first version will be released within the first quarter of 2021. Sunshine Love (v.5) will be out sometime in February, and then work on DMD CH4 will begin straight after v.5 has been released. 

– There will be more focus on the MFF paths, as we know a lot of our fanbase have told us that they’d like to see more of the various female combinations (plus you, the MC) in the game. 

– We will also focus on the Father/Daughter (solo) path, and try to go back to our roots with the dating scenes between them. We didn’t contribute as much time to the relationship between F and D in Chapter 3 like we hoped we would, so we really want to readdress the balance in this final chapter. 

– Reduction of side characters to focus more on the ones the fans like/love the most (D, Elena, Jen, and Georgina).- There won’t be anymore focus on the MMF/Sharing paths in CH4. They were always just minor paths for specific fans and those paths were never considered to be an important part of the original/main storyline. 

MMF fans will get some content in this month’s CH3 revision (v29), but no more MMF content has been planned for Chapter 4. However, when we finish the final chapter, some MMF extra or deleted scenes could feature in our Bonus Scene gallery (similar to what we did for Melody).

– More focus on adding bonus renders for our Subscribestar members for both games. 

– Improved graphics for DMD with 1080p resolution and trying to match the quality renders that have featured in Sunshine Love. 

This week’s preview

As you probably know by now, the final update for Chapter 3, or “Version 29” will be a revision of Days 28-42.

v.29 will be released on Tuesday, December 22nd.

We want to add as much content as we can, but unfortunately December is a special month for all of us and we won’t have the usual time we have for a normal update.

Therefore we had to pick a few scenes to add to the game, and we chose to add extra content to the scenes that happen after the wrap party scene.

There will be a number of new scenes added into this last update, and the one we have for you today features Dee with one of her best friends, Jennifer.

This is just one of those “new scenes” that we’re adding into this final update for Chapter 3. Can you figure out what the other ones might be, and which characters will feature? 🙂

More images are available here:

Let us know your thoughts on today’s preview pic in the comments section below.

We’ll have another preview for you next week.

Have a great day, and thank you very much for your support!


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13 thoughts on “DMD Chapter 4 – Future plans & This Week’s Preview Pic

  1. Hi good work on the game really. Im very Mich excited to see the final chapter. But I really thought that there the MMF path still since it is what I have been waiting for. But no worries I will still play the game so cheers.

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  2. I am really Proud of your work sir and I hope you more game of future please more scan for Jennifer and Elena and MC Path 😇 one more thing I am really really happy your work MrDods sir I hope you continue more games in the future so please make my wish come true

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  3. Then why did you poll? because obviously those who wanted the MMF route in the poll were not less than those who wanted the MFF route! Apparently, Chapter 4 will be quite short and boring.Because they return to the second part of the routine.
    Anyway, thanks for this nice game.

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  4. Im confused,why the hell you teased us from chapter 1-3 with MMF,and now you will abandon that route in chapter 4.why dont you make dual route when players gets to choose.also the poll remember?

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  5. Well obviously it’s going to be hard to grant everybody’s Christmas wishes. Even if the end of Chap 3 felt like a proper ending to the game I’m sure Chap 4 will be a sweet bonus with a good story of course 😊
    I hope that F and Martin are going to team up to start their own “adult” modeling agency with D featuring in their productions 🙂 D can even work in the agency as their secretary. Best time for her to bring back her slutty secretary outfit from Chap 1 lol, it’ll look nice with her new preggo body 😂
    Anyways keep up the good work, can’t wait for Chap 4!

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  6. Well, what I’m looking forward is what will happen to Rachel and D in the future. This is very interesting game.


  7. I was hoping to see Hugh fucking Dee I mean she was drunk and he could take advantage of that also i was expecting a foursome with Dee and Ruby and those two guys named Rolando and Bariaga please Mr Dots put those scenes even in a reward scene or something because all of those scenes have been teased

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    1. I agree 100% with some fun with Hugh. D can start off rejecting his advances, but once he slips his hand in her bikini bottoms, a guilty pleasure fills her mind and she lets him dominate her there and then…or something lol. It would add an interesting twist further down the line. D is pregnant, a flash back of a drunken encounter, who is the father? Hugh? Ryan? Martin? F? XD (Yesterday was my Bday, it’ll soon be Christmas, we’ve all had a crappy year, lets have one wish come true XD) …..

      ….Saying that though, I don’t think they’re planning of any MF scenes that don’t involve F =/ which is a shame, I like seeing D’s inhibitions drop especially in the early scenes with Elena. Maybe they’ll put it in the bonus gallery in Ch4, but in all honesty, I don’t enjoy bonus galleries.


      1. Yes it will be a disappointment if they abandon the sharing,also when Dee is touching herself I don’t believe that nobody saw her especially Hugh


  8. Why did you sharing-path even possible, when no one can use it in Chapter 4 ? You give already enough staff of MFF in Chapters before. It would give everybody a nice fresh air to see others with D. Martin could tease D because he wants more and on the last chapter you can see, that D wants it too. There is no reason why D wont make it possible, because she is curious.
    I think a poll would be nice to see.

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  9. You have to face the truth. I think the developer added a “share” path like the others that were later canceled only for a set of “patrons” that can be teased with future content. Otherwise, I see no other explanation. And the final part at number 4 will be a clone of itself, with the same content that has been seen 100 times, in other words, “an ordinary vanilla harem” like the other two games, but there are no complaints about them since they initially did not promise anything. Sorry, English is not my native language.

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  10. Looking forward to the Christmas update of DMD, really hoping there is more with Hugh and Cass!, perhaps a strapped on friend ^.- but I think this update will put a smile on peoples faces.

    Ultimately, I think many are crying out for more MF content, without F, although I can understand why you wouldn’t want to go that route as the game is mostly based on the love between F and D. A bonus gallery would be nice, but I don’t really enjoy those, what would make sense, is after Ch.4, is to start a whole new game, but from a different angle, “The Corruption of D”, “The path to fame”, “The ‘Ups & Downs’ of being a Model” (pun intended XD) …but it’s your work load and choice XD


  11. Any chance for more hardcore content ( “interspecies ” encounter route let’s call it ) you promised people pledging at the begging as optional, but it was not listed here. I’ve seen on various forums quite some disappointment you pass on that.


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