Sunshine Love v0.0.4 Now Available!

Good morning/evening again to all of my loyal supporters.

With much excitement (and some relief), we proudly present the fourth installment of Sunshine Love to you today!

To get the details for this update as well as the download links, please subscribe to our Patreon or SubscribeStar pages:

We hope that you enjoy this latest release, and we really appreciate your patience and support. We also hope that it’s been worth the wait.

Whenever we get to the last week of working on an update, we always wish we had more time and could’ve added more scenes or given more screen time to certain characters.

We are trying to give a fair balance to all of the girls in the game, as we know that among the 5,000+ fans that we now have, you all have your personal favourites or standouts by now. However, there will be the odd three or four girls that will have more prominent roles than others.

With regards to the changes and options we’ve created for your current relationship with Nicole, we’re trying some new things out for these two new paths that will feature in this new update – being single or being in an open relationship.

We’re confident that these two choices, and the path that you decide to pick from here until the end of the game, will be unlike anything you’ve seen in our previous two VN’s.

Hopefully, you’re all still along for the ride when these ideas and plans feature throughout the rest of the game!

About Our “Other game”:

Production has already begun on our revision of DMD – Chapter 3, with a release date to be posted up next weekend.

The plan is to have the final version of Chapter 3 released to you, just in time for Christmas.

As mentioned in previous posts, we have numerous extra scenes in mind to be added to the final few days of Chapter 3, and can say quite confidently that this is an update of Dating My Daughter not to be missed!

Taking some time off:

We’ll also be taking some time off after Christmas and into January, as we haven’t had more than two days off since January 2019.

The last thing any of our team wants is to suffer burnout and we’ve really pushed ourselves to the absolute limit this year.

We’re very relieved to finally take some time away from creating, and to shut our minds down for a few weeks.

Doing this kind of job for a living and being able to make you guys (and girls), our loyal followers happy, means everything to us.

But we also need a break. It’s very much needed, especially after such a tough year, one that has been completely different from any that have come before.

Plans for 2021:

Work will commence on Sunshine Love: Version 5 in late January with a release date to be posted up sometime in February.

The start of DMD – Chapter 4, which will be the final chapter of the game, will be released sometime in early-2021.

All the best, stay safe, and we hope you thoroughly enjoy the continuation of our third visual novel, “Sunshine Love”!


5 thoughts on “Sunshine Love v0.0.4 Now Available!

  1. This update was absolutely fantastic. Thank you for all your hard work and i have truly fallen in love with Sunshine Love and all of it’s characters. Ashley is my favourite 😍 and I’m glad we seem to be progressing at a nice pace with the relationship with her.

    Hope you guys have a nice holiday and i am eagerly awaiting more Sunshine Love content.

    P.S Trish needs some more love / screentime ❤️

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    1. Thanks for the kind words Bailey.
      The break will be very much needed after such a tough year.

      Trisha will definitely feature in the next update, as will some characters that didn’t feature as much as we would have liked them to in this release.


  2. I hope we will get some scenes of Georgia and Martin in future updates of DMD. Please Mr. Dots grant my wish and thanks for keeping her in story.

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  3. I have to say it… That´s awesome story. I like your other games too but this… This is something completely different. Visual of game itself is mindblowing, characters look better than in any other of your games or games of other creators… My personal favorites are MC´s sister and step-mom obviously :D. But even this story… I don´t know how to describe it. There is not a single bad thing with it. Keep up with an AWESOME work. Can´t wait for January/February, for another episode.

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  4. I am really happy for you MrDot sir and you right you really need for break… please sir continue from more games and my heart really broken for you say that DMD chapter 4 is the final chapter🥺 and your hard work for dis 2 games is hands off to your work i a’m really appreciate your hard work and please continue for more games MrDots sir😇🙏🇮🇳

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