Taking in the View

Two weeks to go until “Sunshine Love” v4 is released, and a lot of paths, friendships, and relationships will further develop in the next instalment of our third visual novel.

For this week’s preview, we find your “childhood friend” looking for something in particular in your bathroom.

What could she be looking for? But more importantly, why exactly is she only wearing her underwear??

Note: There is a second preview (from another “angle”) available to our $1+ Subscribestar and Patreon members.

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If you didn’t see our post from two days ago, we have updated the download links for Version 3.

Please check out our post from Friday below for more details.

Not long to go now guys: SL – Version 4 will be available on Saturday, November 28th!

Work will continue on Sunshine Love and DMD – Chapter 4 in early-2021.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and as always, thank you for your support, patience, and understanding.


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    1. Don’t keep your hopes high, dev will drag it and put you on hold. I’m not making fun of but its an appreciation to his skill


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