We’re back to work!

Hello to all my supporters!

After having some much-needed time off over Christmas and throughout January, we’re now very well-rested and looking forward to a HUGE 2021!

Before we get into the details about our plans for our two games that are still in progress (DMD and Sunshine Love), we just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone for your feedback and support for the past four and a bit years, but especially last year.

It was a very difficult time for everyone. My team and I persevered, however, and our only focus was making sure we delivered on our promises to keep putting updates out and working as hard as we possibly could.

And now that we’re in a new year, there’s no reason why that kind of thinking should change.

We make these games for you guys as much as we do ourselves, and we hope that they have been enjoyable enough to help get you through the more difficult times of last year. We’ll keep making these kinds of games as long as you want us to.

A New DMD Update Will Be Released This Month

During our “time off”, we used a few days to create and add in a scene from the evening of Day 40, that features you, Elena and Jennifer.

This was one of the scenes that we didn’t have time to include in our last update, and you can view a preview from this scene below.

Since it’s a small update we’ve decided to name it DMD v.29.1

We’re looking to post up download links for DMD v29.1 next week so you can play this new scene and also see everything else we’ve added in (below):

  • Fixed grammar and some plot holes.
  • Added sound FX and music.
    Once the game is completed, we’ll look to add more sound FX in wherever we can.
  • Added a “Deleted Scenes” section to the menu for Chapter 3 (you’ll see this on the Home Screen).
    My main writer HearszAM had written two extra scenes for Day 40 which I didn’t have time to create renders or animations for.
    However, I have added those scripts into this section so you can read how these scenes played out.
    He also wrote scenes for Olivia and for Margo, but at some point, I’ll look to use them in Chapter 4 instead.
  • Added “Pat’s Gallery”.
    For those of you who don’t know Pat, he is an exceptional artist who has contributed plenty of his work to the fan-art section on our unofficial fan discord.
    We’ve compiled some of his best work that features various members of the DMD cast.
    To view and purchase more of Pat’s work, please visit his official site: https://pat3dx.com

About Sunshine Love v.0.0.5

After having some time off, we’ve used the past few weeks to map out scenes for the next update of Sunshine Love (and some of the next update after that one as well.).

With such a big array of characters in this, our third story, we are looking to balance out screen time fairly, but also base the allotted time on fan reaction to these potential love interests as well.

Some are more favored than others, therefore, they’ll have more screen time and that will become more obvious when we get further into the game. But don’t worry, you (the MC) will have opportunities/scenes with all the main girls in the game – some more than others.

We’re aiming for SL v.0.0.5 to be released by the end of February, but we’ll confirm an actual release date in the next week or so.

A scene that we didn’t have time to add to SL v.0.0.4 was one with Cousin (aka…“Shortcake”) that will be included in the next release.

The scene will be on the morning of the wedding, where you go to visit her in the reception area. The only other thing we’ll say about this scene is that it’s a good chance to pick up some extra “cousin” points if she is one of the characters that you are interested in having more of a relationship with.

So that’s it for now guys. As a bonus, I’ll leave you with an extra render/wallpaper of the wedding night from v.0.0.4. This image will be featured in the tablet section as a new wallpaper 😉

As always, if you have any questions, problems, issues, or suggestions, send me a PM or you can ask one of my team members HearszAM, Jeff Steel or NabegoPewu – on the fan discord: https://discord.gg/ChtJHGCWM4

We sincerely hope you’ve all had a good start to 2021, let’s hope it’s a much better year than 2020.

I’ll be in contact with you all again very soon!


Download Sunshine Love wallpaper: https://i.ibb.co/616Bw1Z/wedding-SL-logo.jpg