DMD v29.1

A very good day to you all!

Over the past few weeks, aside from taking some time for ourselves to rest and re-energize ourselves for the new year, my team and I also found some time to do another update for DMD – Chapter 3.
This update mainly contains a lot of the things we haven’t had time to fix or add in during the past couple of years.
It’s still not perfect or exactly the way we want it, but this a huge step to getting the game exactly how we’ve always wanted it.

You can download the update by subscribing to our SubscribeStar page:

Things we’ve included in this update:

• Having anal sex for the first time now results in a different scene than if you were already on the anal path (Day 35)
• The final renders of the F/D/Georgina threesome now properly reflect whether F climaxed in D, Georgina, or both of them (Day 38)
• Added a sex scene featuring the MC, Elena, and Jennifer (Day 40)
• The sex scene with Georgina now appears without needing to be on the Cassandra path (Day 41)
• The in-game walkthrough now indicates the points from the pill choice (Day 41)
• Added some more animations to the F/D/Jennifer threesome (Day 42)
• Added renders of Cassandra on the phone when you are at the afterparty (Day 42)
• The narration at the end of the chapter was changed from a second-person point of view back to first-person
• The results of Cupid Night from Chapter 1 will be automatically transferred to Chapter 4

Things we’ve fixed in this update:

• Fixed a lot of grammar and some plot holes (remember, the game is written in British English, except for some minor exceptions) 😉
• Added sound FX and music for all of Chapter 3 (once the game is completed, we’ll look to add more sound FX in wherever we can)
• Music is now properly controlled by the “Music Volume” instead of “Sound Volume” in the game settings
i.e. Any scene where music tracks are playing (mainly club or dance scenes). The “Sound Volume” controls the audio for the sound effects
• Background sounds and foreground sounds can now play at the same time, instead of interrupting each other
• If you accidentally click “New Game”, you can now return to the menu without having to answer all of the questions first

My main writer HearszAM had already written two extra scenes for Day 40 which I didn’t have time to create renders or animations for.

However, I have added those scripts into this section so you can read how these scenes played out.

He has also written scenes for Olivia and a scene for Margo (also for Day 40 originally), but at some point, I’ll look to use them in Chapter 4 instead.

Added “Pat’s Gallery” (you’ll see this on the Home Screen)

For those of you who don’t know Pat, he is an exceptional artist who has contributed plenty of his work to the fan-art section on our unofficial fan discord.

We’ve compiled some of his best work that features various members of the DMD cast.

You can also view Pat’s gallery outside of the game in the game/images/Pats DMD Gallery/folder.

To view and purchase more of Pat’s work, please visit his official site:

Sound FX and Music has also been added to Chapters 1 and 2, however, we encountered a lot of problems during testing, and we didn’t have enough time to fix and have it ready for you. We’ll try and get those sorted out and posted up asap.

What we can tell you is that all three chapters are certainly a much better playing experience with these sound and music tracks added in!

That’s it for now guys. The first update to Chapter 4 of DMD will be out around April (official date TBD), but before that, we’ll have our next release of Sunshine Love (v5) out by the end of February, with an official release date to be posted up next weekend.

We’ll post up the first of our brand-new previews from Sunshine Love in a couple of day’s time. So stay tuned for that one!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody, it’s good to be back!