Happy Easter! – Details about “Sunshine Love v0.0.6”

Hello everyone, we hope you’re enjoying your Easter weekend!

Instead of sharing a preview from the next update of Sunshine Love (v6), we thought we would give you all this special Easter render featuring two of our most popular characters.

About SL – Version 6

To celebrate Easter and the forthcoming release of Sunshine Love, we have decided to do something different for the next update.

In each update, we have asked you to search for doughnuts so you can unlock special renders of our lovely female characters.

But for Version 6, you will be required to look for Easter Eggs instead!

The hunt for Easter eggs, so you can unlock the next set of special renders, will just be for this next update only.
*You will go back to looking for doughnuts again in Version 7.

Release Date

Progress has been good for Version 6, and because of this we can confidently confirm to you that the next release of Sunshine Love will be out on Friday, April 30th.

Enjoy the rest of your Easter weekend guys. We’ll have the first of our SL (v6) preview pics for you next weekend.