True Confessions

Good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone!

We hope you all had a great Easter, and you were able to spend some of it with family and friends.

Today we can finally reveal the first preview from Sunshine Love: Version 6!

For this week’s preview, we see the beautiful “Kristina” (or the chosen name that you’ve given her) in much more casual clothing to what she normally dresses in at her father’s church.

In a previous update, you promised to join her to find out what her father gets up to on Friday night’s after hours at the church. Will you find something incriminating? Something surprising? Or maybe you’ll find nothing at all, and you can use the outing with Kristina as a chance to get to know her better?

Find out what happens when v6 is released on Friday, April 30th!

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support, we’ll have a new preview for you next weekend!

Have a great day,


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