Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?

Good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone! 

Today we present our final preview from the forthcoming release of Sunshine Love – Version 8! 

Again we want to thank you for your patience and we appreciate the messages of support after we had to push back the release by a week. 

We can confidently confirm that v8 will definitely be released next weekend on Saturday, October 23rd!  😉

For this final preview, we can see you and your childhood friend spending the night at home together, making dinner and watching some TV. 

But will it just be a simple night in, or is it actually possible that something very special could happen between the two of you? 

You and your friend have become even closer with each passing day that you’ve spent in Sunshine Bay, but have these very sexy, tense and teasing moments you’ve shared with her been leading towards something the two of you have wanted for a long, long time? 

ALL will be revealed in less than a week from now!

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support, let the countdown to the release of Version 8 begin!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone!


Full-size image here