Sunshine Love v.8 is Here!

Good morning/evening to all of our supporters.

Today we release Version 8 of our third visual novel – SUNSHINE LOVE!

We thank you for your patience after this update was delayed by a week, but we can assure you that the wait will be worth it!


Android alternative version: I have bad news for those using old Android devices to play the game 😦 The Android alternative version is discontinued due to Renpy (the software that we use to create our VN’s) decided to stop support for it. I’m really sorry about this but there’s nothing we can do from our end. We’ll keep looking for a way to bring the Alternative version back in the future and will let you know if anything changes.

Optimized version: From now on, we’ll be uploading our “optimized” version of the game, meaning the image quality will be a bit lower but the file size will shrink significantly.

We did this similar approach with our second VN, Melody. So once we complete SL, we’ll be uploading a full HD version.

This is a very important update for us, as it’s the last one for the first chapter. The plan is to only have two chapter’s that will see us complete the game.

We’re very happy with where Sunshine Love is heading, and for version 9 we will be focusing some time and attention towards characters that haven’t featured as much as others so far in the story. 

So if you’re upset that your favourite girl(s) didn’t feature in Version 8, don’t fret, there’s a very high chance that they will in the first update of Chapter 2.

Thanks to everyone for e-mailing or posting errors/bugs that they’ve found on either of my pages or on the fan discord. We’re pretty confident that they’ve all been fixed now.

But if they haven’t, then please let us know and we’ll get to those along with any more errors that you find in v8.

About this update

For those of you who have been following the story up until the last update, you will be aware that the annual Sunshine Bay Burlesque Festival will be taking place this weekend, in this new update!

But if you want to go to the event, you’re going to have to complete a few set tasks first. This will include things like getting an outfit for the event and also a mask!

And when you’re at the event, you’re going to have to help your Childhood Friend to promote the hotel.

You will be spending a lot of time with various characters in the game, some more than others depending on which paths you are on.

Again in this new version, you will have some big decisions to make in regards to who you date and who you just want to be friends with or to have as an acquaintance.

If you have played up until the end of the previous update, you will know that you could be waking up in one of two places.

You could be waking up next to your Childhood Friend, and wondering if things between the two of you will progress to the next level in your relationship or not.

But is it too soon? Is she just stringing you along or are either of you ready to move on from your ex-partners or take advantage of being in an open relationship that you may have agreed with Nicole?

Or if you dumped Nicole, are you ready to get serious with a new love?

What if you woke up in another place? Say, a secluded place in a cabin in the woods?

How will that affect your relationship with your Childhood Friend if she were to find out that you stayed at her mother’s cabin overnight?

And what will happen when you wake up next to Ashley? How will she feel after what went on between you two in her bed the night before?

Is there any kind of future between you two, or eventually just heartbreak?

If you’re on the Jazmin path, has she done enough to justify being given a permanent position at the hotel?

And if she has, then perhaps more frequent visits to her hotel room or the health centre could be an option for you?

After your date at the beach with Shortcake (if you’re on her path), what will happen next?

She sees you as a nice guy and she’s gaining more confidence in herself every time that she’s with you. But what does this mean in a romantic sense?

Can you progress things with Shortcake the next time you see her?

What about Trisha? How will she react if you decided to break free from her restraints if she tied you to her office chair?

And if you didn’t break free, then perhaps she thinks you’re the kind of guy who likes obeying orders?

With the Burlesque festival taking place this weekend, how will the local church feel about it, seeing as they tried to get a popular burlesque venue in town

closed down for good (the place where Ashley worked when she was younger)?

If you’ve spent time with Kristina, will she have a problem with the event taking place, or will she take issue with her father and his people if they decide to cause trouble?

And how would this affect your relationship with the minister’s sweet daughter?

And what about Ivy and Lily? They’ve been looking forward to the festival more than anyone.

If they did something special for you in the bathroom during Connie’s party, what are the chances that they might have something even bigger in mind for you this weekend?

What are The Bosses plans for Nicole now that she has been personally invited to town? Will she try to visit or contact you while she’s in Sunshine Bay?

If you’re in an Open Relationship, do you think she might want to meet some of the women that you’ve been seeing?

Again in this update, you will get to visit new places in Sunshine Bay and also see the town from a different perspective.

But which characters will you spend time with at these new locations? V8 will answer these and many other questions!

From now on, we’ll be uploading our “optimized” version of the game, meaning the image quality will be a bit lower but the file size will shrink significantly.

The Android alternative version is discontinued due to Renpy (the software that we use to create our VN’s) because they have decided to stop support for it.

Changes to this update


During the last update, I unfortunately forgot to add a variable in where you can choose to either:

“Head to the hotel”, where you go back to see your Childhood friend at the hotel, or “Go with her”, where you go with Ashley to her cabin in the woods.

In order to fix this issue, immediately after the final scene of v7 where Svetlana greets Nicole at the airport, there will be a screen that will ask you who you slept next to the night before.

Simply choose your “Ashley” or your “Childhood Friend”, and then the new release will continue the next morning with the character that you chose from these two options.

The screen will look like this:

You can now skip twelve pages at a time to get to your save slots quicker. Previously you could only skip one page at a time after Page 9.

There’s a small bug in the game. It happens during a scene with either of the twins, Ivy or Lily in a hotel room later in this update.

This scene will play out regardless of if you told one of the twins that you were NOT interested in them back in Week 2, during the pre-wedding party.

If you want to avoid any scenes that are on the twin’s paths’, then we have now added a heart to their profile picture in the tablet menu.

All you need to do is click on the heart and change it from RED to BLACK to avoid these scenes.

This heart will be available in their profile, at any point in the game from now on.

However, if you decide to turn the RED heart back on so you can be on the Twins path, then Lily will be the “Chosen Twin” that the game will default to.

If you’d prefer to be on the Ivy path, then simply click on Lily’s name and it will change to Ivy.

We have now made it possible for you to choose your Childhood Friend to be a romantic option or just a friend from now on.

There will be a heart in her profile pic (which you can find in your tablet) that you can turn on and off.

This heart will be set to ON (RED heart) or OFF (BLACK heart) depending on the decisions you make during the scene with Brodie, which is towards the end of this new update.

NOTE: Not all combinations will be possible by end of the game, given what we can or cannot do due to Patreon rules.

You’ll also notice that we’ve added some more sound effects to the sex scenes in this update. We’re trying to make these sounds unique

for each female character in the game. Let us know what you think after you’ve played the update!

How to jump ON and OFF character paths

If you’re not aware already, we have added an option in the “Character Info” section for each character so that you are able to switch their paths ON and OFF.

That way it saves you from having to go back to the point in the game when each girls’ pathways begin, in case you are not already on their path.

To do this, all you need to do is:

– go into your tablet in the top-right corner of the screen

– select the “Char. Info” button

– under the “Characters Info” section, choose the character whose path you want to set to ON or OFF.

NOTE: Some of the characters may not have this option.

On the character profile pic, you will see that we have added a heart icon. Simply click on it (Red heart) to be ON their path, or to turn it OFF (Black).

The changes will not take effect until you start the scene after the one you are currently on, so be sure to make this change beforehand if you want to view or not view a specific scene.

NOTE: If you do change a character from OFF to ON, then you should be aware that the characters’ maximum points at the end of each update may differ

from what we have stated in the Walkthrough.

Searching for Doughnuts!

For our $10+ tier members, you will be again looking for doughnuts in this new update.

Example of a Doughnut to look for:

There will be plenty of new Peeping Tom images that you can view in V8 as well.

All up, there are 20 x new Doughnuts to locate, and 23 x Peeping Tom images.

Can you find all the new doughnuts? If you have the Rewards Gallery walkthroughs, they will certainly help!

Rolling WIP’s + Animated Scenes (***SPOILERS***):

1 x Jazmin

1 x Svetlana

1 x Trisha

2 x Kristina

4 x Childhood Friend

– Ashley handjob (3x speeds)

– Ashley blowjob (2x angles)

– Ashley doggystyle sex (3x speeds)

– Jazmin handjob (3x speeds)

– Jazmin blowjob (3x speeds)

– Jazmin titjob (3x speeds)

– Shortcake ball tickle

– Shortcake handjob (3x speeds)

– Shortcake blowjob (3x speeds)

– Childhood friend blowjob in the bedroom (3x speeds)

– Childhood friend titjob in the bedroom (3x speeds)

– Ivy missionary sex in the hotel room (3x speeds)

– Ivy reverse cowgirl sex in the hotel room (3x speeds)

– Ivy from behind sex in the hotel room (3x speeds)

– Lily missionary sex in the hotel room (3x speeds)

– Lily reverse cowgirl sex in the hotel room (3x speeds)

– Lily from behind sex in the hotel room (3x speeds)

– Childhood friend missionary sex by the beach (3x speeds)

– Childhood friend side-facing sex by the beach (3x speeds)

– Childhood friend doggystyle sex by the beach (3x speeds)

– Childhood friend cowgirl sex by the beach (3x speeds)

Final Words

So here it is, the brand-new update of SUNSHINE LOVE – VERSION 8! It is now available for you to download and play.

This will be our final update of SL for the year (the story side of things that is), however, we will spend some time revising this first chapter before the end of the year.

There have been plenty of ideas and suggestions from you guys and we also have quite a few errors for us to go through.

We want to improve the sound quality or our effects, look at how we can make the song selection in the music player better, and make it a better playing experience overall.

We really appreciate every single one of you for supporting us throughout the production of our three games to date.

The team and I would love to be able to continue making these kinds of games for as long as possible and having you all supporting and encouraging us will make that dream possible.

So that’s it for now. As always, please let us know your thoughts about this update and if you find any errors, please list them in the comments section below

or post them in the #bug-reports-SL channel on our Unofficial Fan Discord. Some of my team members check that channel regularly.

All the best everyone, stay safe, and we hope you thoroughly enjoy the continuation of our third visual novel, “Sunshine Love”!

We’ll be in touch again with you all very soon.

Take care of yourselves, and thanks for your support.