Sunshine Love v0.0.8.1

Good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone.

The team and I hope you all enjoyed the latest version of Sunshine Love that was released last weekend.

We appreciate all the positive feedback and constructive criticism that we’ve received over the past few days, as well as letting us know all the problems and issues that you found while you were playing the game.

Advising us of these issues helps us to learn more about how to fix these issues so that they don’t happen with future releases.

One of the main issues which has been brought to our attention by several of our supporters was their inability to get the app to load on their android device.

We had noted in recent game day posts that due to changes made by Renpy, the Android version of our games may not be compatible with older devices.

However, we have some good news!

With the help of some fans on the discord and my Patreon page, they were able to run some tests for us during the week and it looks like we have a playable version for those of you with older android devices! 

The trick was to reduce the file size of the Android app below 2GB. That seems to have solved the issue. So don’t worry if you see that the apk file is smaller than the v8  version that we released last weekend. There’s no content missing. It’s just that we had to compress the images a bit more to create an app below the 2GB limit.

IMPORTANT FOR ANDROID USERS: Before you download the new game app from the provided link, you MUST uninstall the previous version of SL (it’s also a good idea to make a backup copy of it just in case) before trying to install the new version to your device.

Other changes and fixes that we’ve made

– the options when Nicole asks The Boss two questions during their meeting will now both run. Previously she only asked him one question.

– The Peeping Tom icon, when you run into Trisha at the indoor venue now disappears after a few lines.

– numerous grammar fixes

– a few plot holes fixed/adjusted

– some render fixes, though a couple of images of Shortcake at her house we were not able to fix (dark shading underneath her red hair). We’ll fix these during our revision of SL in December.

Last Words

Let us know what you think of the changes, and/or the new android links, and if you find any further issues or problems with your saves

or any other errors that we may have missed, then please list them in the comments section or post them up in the #bug-reports-sl channel on our Unofficial Fan Discord.

Link to our Discord: 

This will give us a chance to make any further corrections before we start doing our revision of Chapter 1.

All the best, stay safe, and we hope you are looking forward to the continuation of “Sunshine Love” in early-2022.