Sunshine Love CH1 v.1.00

Good morning/evening to all of our supporters. We hope that you like this little surprise from us – releasing this update much earlier than previously scheduled.

We managed to get through the listed issues and changes we wanted to make and that you have sent us. We managed to get through them much quicker than we expected to.

So today we release the completed FIRST CHAPTER of our third visual novel – SUNSHINE LOVE!

The first update for Chapter 2 will be released in early-2022.

We also have some extra special gift for ALL of our supporters that we’re planning to post up before New Years Eve for you all.

So keep your eyes peeled for that post just before the end of the year.

Hint: It will feature all the main characters from our stellar Sunshine Love cast! 😉

Thanks to everyone for e-mailing or posting errors/bugs that they’ve found on either of my pages or on the fan discord.

We’re pretty confident that they’ve all been fixed now, but if they haven’t, then please let us know and we’ll get to fixing those along with any more errors that you find in v1.0.

Changes to this update

As mentioned during our preview posts throughout this month, we have been keeping track of all the errors, plot holes, and rendering issues

that you guys have let us know about, as well as any adjustments that we’ve been required to make from the very start of the game up until the final scene for Chapter 1.

After each update is released, we often don’t have the time to fix every single error that we are told about.

Since we work on both VN’s on a 5-6 week cycle, if we spent time fixing up every issue after each release, then fewer updates would be put out because everything would be pushed back (if that makes sense).

So that’s the main reason why we do these revision updates at the end of each year – we have a lot more time to do these fixes, and we also have the time to add in some more content to further improve the quality of various scenes that we feel could do with extra special attention.

Some developers prefer to spend 2-3 months on their updates so that they can work on the finer details for their scenes, which is great, but ever since we started making VN’s, we’d much prefer to try and give you more updates more frequently, and then come back to make our edits, changes and improvements at the end of each year.

Anyway, here is our (long) list of the things we have changed, fixed, or added in during our revision month:

Changes made to the Intro, Game Menu, Music Player and FX (plus other things)

– We have added an option where you can skip the flashback scenes at the start of the game.

If you do that, the game will begin when the MC is in court (Present Day)

– Removed two tracks from the music playlist: “Stop Loving You” and “Afterparty Review”. Both had vocals in them which kind of killed the immersion (fan suggestion)

– Improved the quality of the kissing sound effects

– Several grammar fixes

– Added some more tongue kisses with various characters (fan suggestion): – Ashley, Shortcake, Jazmin, Kristina, Childhood Friend, Ivy/Lily, Victoria

– All the sound effects and ambience are now optimized versions, meaning the quality is better than previous

– Added sound effects to most of the sex scenes that were previously missing (or silent)

We’ve added the “sex player” to three more scenes. You will now be able to change the sex position and speeds during:

– The sex scene with Jazmin during Week 3.

– The sex scene with Ivy or Lily in the motel room during Week 4.

– The sex scene with your Childhood Friend on the beach bed during Week 4

– We have also supplied four save files for the start of each week of the game.

You may have to change the names for four characters (including yourself) before you begin.


– when you are sitting on the hill and having a picnic with your Childhood Friend, we have added an extra part to this scene where

we see a flashback of how the MC and Nicole first met, their first kiss, and the first time they slept together.

– when your Childhood Friend returns home to the hotel after being confronted by Lucas, she tells the MC about what happened the night before and why she didn’t come home.

We see a flashback of her outside Vicky’s place who returns from a night out. Friend sleeps in Vicky’s bed and she has black underwear on.

But the Peeping Tom image the next day when she returns to the hotel has her wearing red underwear. That has been changed to black underwear now.


– we have deleted out double dialogue when the MC chats with Childhood Friend in the health centre.

– added an “Open relationship” icon to the Nicole profile in the Characters Info section. If it is coloured, then you will be in an Open Relationship with her.

If it is not, then you are now single and are no longer dating Nicole. This icon becomes available during your video call with her.


– extended the Jazmin/MC sex scene. There are now two options to choose from before you climax. 😉

– when you visit Ashley’s house and she shows you her burlesque outfit, we have added a couple of extra poses while she dances for the MC (fan suggestion).

– there were issues with the Heart icon not working correctly on the Twins path. That has been fixed now.


– added a phone call scene between The Boss and Svetlana, where he asks her to pick up a special guest (Nicole) at the airport the following morning.

– during the hospital scene, if you are on the Yuki path, we have extended that scene so you have the chance to take her home and she invites you in.

Check the Walkthrough to find out how to unlock this scene!

– we’ve added more dialogue to the Trisha/MC office scene. She explains her reasoning for using blackmail and more about what she likes in her male interests (fan suggestion).

– during the evening sex scene with Ashley in her cabin, we’ve added a couple of extra renders when the MC is spooning Ashley in her bed.

– during the morning sex scene with Ashley, we’ve changed the angle and positioning of the blowjob she gives the MC.

We’ve also added a new angle of the sex scene that takes place.

– we have deleted out double dialogue when Victoria leaves after they have sex in the alleyway behind the restaurant.

– during the MC’s phone call with Nicole on the Open Relationship path, Nicole will ask you to tell her about one of your dates.

There will be five girls to choose from with different sets of dialogue for each.

If a girl you are dating is not among these five, then the MC will tell you about a girl he has been seeing, who is actually his Childhood Friend who he’s referring to.

– during the evening sex scene down by the beach, we’ve added a front view angle of your Childhood Friend when you choose the “On Top” option.


– added a recap screen at the end of the game. This screen will have your game stats such as:

*the girls you are dating/seeing – coloured if you are dating them, in black if you are not

*the points you have accrued for each.

*if you are in an Open Relationship with Nicole or if you are Single/Dating.

*all the important decisions that you have made in Chapter 1 that will be important in Chapter 2.

e.g. This is an example of what the final screen will look like:

How to jump ON and OFF character paths

If you’re not aware already, we have added an option in the “Character Info” section for each character so that you are able to switch their paths ON and OFF.

That way it saves you from having to go back to the point in the game when each girls’ pathways begin, in case you are not already on their path.

To do this, all you need to do is:

– go into your tablet in the top-right corner of the screen

– select the “Char. Info” button

– under the “Characters Info” section, choose the character whose path you want to set to ON or OFF.

See picture here: 

See picture here: 

See picture here: 

NOTE: Some of the characters may not have this option.

On the character profile pic, you will see that we have added a heart icon. Simply click on it (Red heart) to be ON their path, or to turn it OFF (Black).

See picture here: 

See picture here: 

The changes will not take effect until you start the scene after the one you are currently on, so be sure to make this change beforehand if you want to view or not view a specific scene.

NOTE: If you do change a character from OFF to ON, then you should be aware that the characters’ maximum points at the end of each update may differ from what we have stated in the Walkthrough.

Animated Scenes (***SPOILERS***):

– During Week 4 – Childhood Friend rides the MC cowgirl style down by the beach.

We have added in a shot of your Childhood Friend facing the MC for the “(Childhood Friend) On Top” option – previously there was only a behind shot.

– During Week 4 – The MC goes down on Shortcake.

– Fixed Trisha BJ animation (Week 4)

We have added an animation for when the MC goes down Shortcake during the Bonus scene.

Final Words

So here it is, the final update for SUNSHINE LOVE – VERSION 1.0! It is now available for you to download and play.

We really appreciate every single one of you for supporting us throughout the production of our three games to date.

The team and I would love to be able to continue making these kinds of games for as long as possible and having you all supporting and encouraging us will make that dream possible.

So that’s it for now. As always, please let us know your thoughts about this update and if you find any errors, please list them in the comments section below or post them in the #bug-reports-SL channel on our Unofficial Fan Discord. Some of my team members check that channel regularly.

All the best everyone and we hope you thoroughly enjoy the continuation of our third visual novel, “Sunshine Love”!

Wishing you all a happy and safe Christmas.

Take care of yourselves, and thanks as always for your generous support.