Christmas Bonus Image Pack 2021

Hello to all of our supporters!

As a special Christmas gift to you all, we’ve created an image pack for your viewing pleasure 🙂

The pack contains three characters – Childhood Friend, Shortcake and a special guest from one of our previous visual novels. 😉

The idea for this story-set was suggested by Jeff Steel, one of our members.
Let us know what you think!

You can download the pack on Patreon or SubscribeStar

For those of you who are not members of MrDots Patreon or Subscribestar pages but would like to purchase the Christmas pack, you can do so at this link for a minimum $5US:

If you have some worthwhile charities in mind that you think we should consider donating our proceeds to in the new year, feel free to post them in the #general-offtopic channel on the discord or PM me with a link so I can check them out. All the money from purchases of this Christmas pack will go to a charity of our choice. Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas, we’ll be in touch again with you every soon.


Full image: