Sunshine Love – CH.2 – v0.0.1

Good morning/afternoon/evening to all of our supporters.

After quite a number of months between updates, we’re well and truly back, and today we deliver the first update of Chapter 2 from our third visual novel – SUNSHINE LOVE!

Thanks to everyone for e-mailing or posting errors/bugs that they’ve found on either of my pages or on the fan discord.

Most have been fixed but there are still some errors and things to be adjusted in Chapter 1. We will re-upload the download links at some point.

About this update

The story picks up from where we left off at the end of Chapter 1, but there are a couple of different scenes to start off with, and this will depend on which girls you are dating or if you have decided to just be friends with them.

During this update, you will be able to achieve a three-star level hotel. More tasks and goals will be set for you, plus there’s another huge event for you and your childhood friend to host so you can soon turn it into a four-star hotel!

One question we always get asked is just how many of the ten love interests will feature in each update.

That usually varies with each release depending on where we go with the story, but normally we aim to have four or five girls appear for each version that we put out.

The preview pics we post up each Sunday is usually an indicator as to who will feature, but that’s not always the case 😉

Another question we get asked quite a lot is “when will we be able to do more” with certain girls.

This will vary depending on the girl. Some of them will be up for anything almost straight away, others you’re just going to have to be patient for a little while longer.

Because we have such a big cast, we want all their personalities to differ from each other and just maybe, you might be able to relate to one (or even a few) of them as you play through the story.

Aside from working closely with your childhood friend at the hotel, you will also be spending time with some of the other girls in town.

You’ll be taken to a new, peaceful part of Sunshine Bay with the lovely Yuki.

If you’re on the Connie path, she’ll ask for your opinion on a very revealing outfit that she’s considering purchasing.

You’ll visit the old but wise Mister Roshi and maybe even learn more about his relationship with a certain busty nurse.

Calls will or can be made to the likes of Ashley, Shortcake and/or Victoria to plan out your next special occasion with them.

There could be repercussions if you decided to walk out on one of the twins in the hotel room during the burlesque festival, and we know what happens when you ask Trisha for a favour – she usually wants one in return!

You can finally have a date with the local pastor’s daughter “Kristina” if you are on her path, and if all goes well, or even if it doesn’t, you’ll get to see a very different side to her before the end of this update.

Plus there’s a new staff member that could be joining the crew at the hotel very soon…

Loading your saves from Chapter 1

When arriving at the end of Chapter 1, you were able to save your game and name it whatever you wanted to.

Before starting Chapter 2, you will see a screen that lists all your saves that you can load and continue from:

However, there is also an option to manually enter your choices.

Simply choose “Manual Entry” and then you can:

– put in the name of your character, Childhood Friend, Shortcake and Kristina the church girl

– choose which girls’ paths you are on

– put in the points you have accrued for each

– select whether you are in an “Open Relationship” with Nicole or if you are now “Single”

– answer various questions that relate to Chapter 1

NOTE: When you put in the points that you have scored for each girl, if you put in an amount that is over the max total (for any love interest) at the end of Chapter 1, then it will default to the maximum score when Chapter 2 starts.

i.e. if you put a score of 50 points for Victoria, then it will default back to 44 points as that was the most amount of points you could have accrued for her by the end of Chapter 1.

For those of you who use the manual entry option and are also on the Twins path (Ivy or Lily), if you chose to “Go back to Childhood Friend” when you were in the hotel room with one of the twins during Chapter 1, then ten points will automatically be taken off your score if you choose the maximum amount (or more).
i.e. If you put a score of 42 or more for the Twins, and you also chose to “Go back to Childhood Friend”, then your starting score for Chapter 2 on the Twins path will be 32.

Searching for Doughnuts!

For our $10+ tier members, we have a heap of NEW Doughnuts for you to find, plus plenty of new Peeping Tom images as well.
When you locate the new doughnuts, it will unlock some special renders of our female characters in the Rewards Gallery.

Example of a Doughnut to look for:

All up, there are 20 x new Doughnuts to locate, and 21 x Peeping Tom images.
Can you find all the doughnuts in this update? If you have the Rewards Gallery walkthroughs, they will certainly help!

Final Words

So here it is, the very first update of SUNSHINE LOVE – CHAPTER 2! It is now available for you to download and play.

We really appreciate every single one of you for supporting us throughout the production of our three games to date.

The team and I would love to be able to continue making these kinds of visual novels for as long as possible and having you all supporting and encouraging us will make that dream possible.

Whenever we get to the last week of working on any of our updates, we always wish we had more time to add in more scenes, more animations, or give more screen time to certain characters.

But unfortunately, that’s not always possible, and once we’ve set a deadline, we always try our hardest to have the update released on time for you all.

It’s something we do very well and much better than most. It’s a promise to you, our supporters, and one we always hope to keep.

You guys and girls are funding our projects, and in return, we want to keep to our word and to deliver our work on time, every time.

For the next few weeks, we’ll be working on our other game, and then once that has been released, we will re-commence work on Sunshine Love – v0.02 – Chapter 2.

Once we finish our “other game”, then we can finally start working on Sunshine Line updates back-to-back.

So that’s it for now. As always, please let us know your thoughts about this update and if you find any errors, please list them in the comments section below

or post them in the #bug-reports-SL channel on our Unofficial Fan Discord. Some of my team members check that channel regularly.

All the best everyone, stay safe, and we hope you thoroughly enjoy the continuation of our third visual novel, “Sunshine Love”!

Take care of yourselves, and thanks for your support.