Lay Your Hands On Me

Good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone! How has your week been?

We have another preview to share with you from the highly-anticipated next update of Sunshine Love.

This week’s preview features one of the temptress twins, but which one is she, Ivy or Lily?

If you’ve been on either of their paths up until this point, you will know that they like to make their moves discreetly, and depending on your choices, they can be very deceptive about it too.

Ivy/Lily has something special planned for you during the Country and Western event being hosted at the hotel.

Note: There are even more explicit preview images of both twins that are only available to our Subscribestar members. 😉

Find out how this storyline proceeds (as well as other girls’ paths) during our next update, which we can confirm will be released on Saturday, June 11th!

*This release date is subject to change, so keep an eye out for our future posts.

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support, and we’ll have another SL preview for you next weekend!

Have a great day,

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