Himari Time

Good morning/afternoon/evening to everyone!

Two weeks to go before we drop our next update of Sunshine Love!
But before we do that, we have another brand-new preview for you!

This week’s preview features Mister Roshi’s eye-catching private nurse, Himari.
For those of you who made a promise to the wise old man that you would go to visit Himari “when the time was right”, then that time will arrive in this new update!

With the unexpected loss of Mister Roshi, Himari just wants to be of some comfort to you through this difficult time.
But what exactly can the busty nurse do to help you overcome your sadness and despair now that he’s gone?
Let your imagination run wild!

Find out how this storyline proceeds (as well as other girls’ paths) during our next update,
which we can confirm will be released on Saturday, June 11th! 😉

*This release date is subject to change, so keep an eye out for our future posts.

Thanks to everyone for your ongoing support, and we’ll have another SL preview for you next weekend!

Have a great day,

Full image: https://ibb.co/9YfKky0